Last Updated on April 9, 2022 by Eric Bonneman

The Silver King is coming to Murrells Inlet soon! As the water temperatures increase and the bait schools migrate into the area, massive tarpon will arrive to the area to feed and spawn. The first tarpon schools typically begin to arrive in May and can be found in the area through October, with peak times occurring in August and September. 

The remote areas just south of Myrtle Beach, including Murrells Inlet, Winyah Bay, Santee Delta, and Cape Romain provide miles of undeveloped and unspoiled coastal estuarine waters, salt marsh, bays, and creeks that are perfect to get away from the crowds of people and find the schools of giant tarpon.  

a picture of 2022 Tarpon Season Out Of Murrells Inlet with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Tarpon are one of the most prized catches in the angling world. They are renowned for their powerful and acrobatic fights.  With sizes that can exceed 6 feet and 150lbs, catching a tarpon is a true test of the equipment and angler. To be successful heavy rods, reels, and line are needed to overpower these huge fish as quickly as possible to ensure they remain healthy to revive and release to live on to breed and fight another day. 

Depending on conditions and fish behavior, multiple approaches can be used to hook a tarpon. First, your captain will locate the tarpon. Often the same fishes they are actively feeding on in the area will be used as bait. These baits can be put on a circle hook and drifted down current to actively feeding tarpon. For a more challenging experience, anglers can sight-cast fish with artificial lures, such as large soft swimbaits. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences in fishing, watching a huge fish sneak up behind your lure and attack.

a picture of 2022 Tarpon Season Out Of Murrells Inlet with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Finding the best tarpon action depends on numerous factors such as the tide, moon, weather, current, and location of baitfish.  Capt R.C. Ferdon with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters knows the secrets of how to find, hook, and land one of these prehistoric beasts.  Even experienced anglers can benefit from booking a knowledgeable charter captain to improve the likelihood of catching tarpon. 

Captain R.C. suggests booking a full-day charter for the best chance of landing one or more tarpon. With great patience and persistence comes great reward. Tarpon fishing is not easy, but with the right captain, gear, and dedication clients often land their dream fish.  The best summer dates will book up far in advance, so now is the time to schedule your trip.