In the month of August, visitors to Myrtle Beach have a unique charter fishing opportunity located just a few minutes south inside of Winyah Bay. Here you’ll find an amazing ecosystem that houses some epic species of inshore gamefish.

What To Expect In August

In August we are looking at opportunities to catch big, bull, redfish and we get to target tarpon at the same time. Tarpon fishing has already started, but the main event is still headed up the coastline.

Bull redfish are in the area and these beasts provide epic battles on light tackle. This species of inshore gamefish will give you the opportunity to target them on live bait, cut bait, artificial lures, and even on a fly rod. The reason for this is that they get highly active as the water temps rise. While they are available nearly all year, nothing beats the summer bite for this popular gamefish species.

The best part is, these bull redfish will be available all the way until fall – just like tarpon.

a picture of August Brings Primetime Fishing To Myrtle Beach with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters


The annual tarpon migration up the South Carolina coast is underway, with the peak of the run still around the corner. This massive fish species make their way into backwater estuary systems on the hunt for food. Baitfish pile up in these systems looking for cover – and migrating tarpon with big appetites follow them on in.

Between tarpon and bull redfish, this time of the year is extremely hard to beat for an epic fishing adventure.

You can beat the crowds on the water in Myrtle Beach, however, and head south to Winyah Bay. This is where you will get to enjoy calm and temperate waters with an amazing backdrop. This healthy ecosystem is one you will get to becomes part of while you hunt for some of the biggest inshore species the area has to offer.

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We take guests looking for a fishing charter out of Myrtle Beach on rips near daily. You will find it is worth the short drive and that there is something special here in Winyah bay that you will not find anywhere else. Trips during this time of the year do depart daily, but reservations begin to stack up fairly quickly.

To make sure you have a day secured for your day of fishing, it is best to view the real-time availability and then lock in your date on this reservations page.

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