The common law around here is, “When the wind is Northeast, the fishing is least.” Well Ben, junior, and Gray made the trip to North Myrtle Beach to break that law.

The group toughed out the cold and windy weather to be rewarded with a productive day. We started strong with a striper and 18 inch trout at the first spot, but only got a couple more bites before moving on. The rest of the trip was mostly a struggle; trying to locate fish with a little shelter from the Northeast wind. It took a while, but we finally landed on an active school of redfish that let these guys put their angling skills on display. We had a good hour and a half of catching fish on almost every cast!

“It was a tough day,” Captain RC said. “The good Lord looked out for us to land on this spot of fun, eating fish… it was an exception to the rule for a Northeast wind.”