Last Updated on June 17, 2022 by Capt. R.C.

Chris and Cathy came to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina all the way from the United Kingdom; and Chris had a box to check off of his bucket list. They booked two full-day fishing trips with us during their two week stay. Chris asked about tarpon when booking, and my honest answer was that we may be a little early; but my observations hinted that conditions may be favorable.

Last week, we had our first shot at a tarpon. Finding bait, last week, was a bit of a challenge. We persevered, and went on to seek out the silver king. After finding a rip that looked like the perfect setup for a tarpon, we had one in our baits! He ended up getting the center bait, but did not get the hook.

Fast forward to yesterday. Chris decided it may be best to just focus on light tackle for the day, but I brought the tarpon gear anyway. We noticed a large school of mullet in a secret spot near Winyah Bay. After catching a few redfish and trout, we were able to load up on perfect size tarpon mullet. That instantly changed Chris’s mind about forgoing tarpon fishing for the day!

When the decision was made, I raced to the same spot where we had our shot last week; however, the conditions were not as favorable as the week before. We had to quickly decide to move to another area near Pawleys Island, and we were glad we did.

Within 15 minutes of getting set up, we hooked the handsome tarpon in the featured photo! After a flawless execution by Chris, we quickly had a 40-50 pound tarpon at the boat!


a picture of Check the List on a South Carolina Tarpon with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters


This is clearly an encouraging sign for South Carolina’s tarpon fishing season. I really enjoy helping my clients check this box on their bucket list. I’ve had clients who have traveled all over in their search for the silver king. Crazy as it is, many of them ended up catching one with me right here in Georgetown, South Carolina.


Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

We have a few spots left for the month of June. As you can see above, I’m willing to do what it takes for having the best chances of a successful day’s fishing. Whether you are a skilled angler or a novice, I will do my best to tailor the day based on your needs. If you are looking to get out there give us a call to book today 843-485-7424