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Hey, y’all. Capt. RC here to provide some information on what to expect if you are looking for an inshore fishing charter on your visit. Debordieu is the host of North Inlet, and there are plenty of things to do while you’re here, but let’s talk fishing.

At 14 years old, I had a small jon-boat and a Debordieu boat sticker which opened my world to North Inlet. Nowadays, it’s hard to believe how much freedom my friends and I had at a young age…we didn’t even have driver’s licenses! Needless to say, there was no better learning experience; we didn’t even know we were preparing ourselves to become fishing guides one day.

North Inlet, located between Pawley’s Island and Winyah Bay, is Debordieu’s gateway to the ocean. It is one of the most pristine estuaries on the east coast and provides a healthy habitat for diverse wildlife. Oyster-lined creeks help cleanse the clear, salty water while setting the scene for predators to stalk their target. The abundance offered by North Inlet attracts resident shorebirds and the seasonal Pink Spoonbill and Loon. Oyster-catchers feast on…oysters, of course! of North Inlet’s most treasured bounties.

Wildlife Found near Debordieu

  • Eagles
  • Shorebirds (Seagulls, Terns, Oyster-Catchers, Egrets)
  • Pelicans
  • Pink Spoon-bills
  • Loons
  • Alligators

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So booking a fishing charter in Debordieu offers year-round options for anglers. Fishing during the Spring transition into Summer in North Inlet can be very productive when targeting flounder. Topwater baits are the best option for reds and trout in the early mornings. During the heat of Summer, you can target tarpon; and there are always a lot of sharks around. Redfish and Speckled Trout can be caught year-round, but fishing for these species really picks up during the Fall months in North Inlet. When the water temperatures begin to cool, these fish take advantage of creeks flooded with bait as they prepare for Winter.

a fisherman with a seatrout

Season and Species

  • Spring and Summer: Flounder, Tarpon, and Sharks
  • Fall and Winter: Speckled Trout and Redfish

Since Spring and Summertime were when we frequented the Inlet most as youngsters, I do pretty well with the flounder that time of year. We always targeted flounder by drifting or slow-trolling live mud minnows. This is still a great method, but I’ve also learned to be successful with trolling, drifting, and casting artificial baits. You can even employ two methods at the same time!

Summer now offers the opportunity to target tarpon near Debordieu. These hard-fighting fish put on an acrobatic show when lucky enough to get one hooked. They are the ultimate gamefish and one of the most challenging fights you will ever experience. It takes 100% focus from the angler and captain to land one of these beasts.

a picture of a tarpon

Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year for inshore fishing around Debordieu. There is always a slow day here and there, but sometimes you can get on schools of fish that bite every cast. Artificial baits, along with mud minnows, are often your best bet. Live shrimp works well as long as there aren’t too many pinfish around. Fishing around Debordieu during the Fall and Winter months can be rewarded with action-packed days.

two anglers with redfish

Bodies of Water Accessible from Debordieu

  • North Inlet
  • Winyah Bay
  • Santee Delta
  • McClellanville

Another nice thing about booking a fishing charter in Debordieu is its close proximity to Georgetown and Winyah Bay. Debordieu’s gate is only 5 minutes away from Georgetown. As your guide, it’s my job to put you in the best place for a successful fishing day; while my admiration for North Inlet is clear, sometimes you have to change things up.

Dockside pickup at the Debordieu boat ramp dock is available. If you have an upcoming trip to Debordieu, give me a call or book a fishing charter online. A fishing experience is a must to make your visit complete.