With New Years’ day 2022 just around the corner, we take a look at what to expect this New Year along Pawleys Islands’ inshore fishery.

January Species & Outlook Towards Spring

We’ll take a look at the most common and popular species in January around Pawleys Island and Winyah Bay. And depending on the onset of spring, we’ll add some notes about that as well – as you may find this information useful for the rest of winter. If you do, then knowing what transitions will happen in spring will be handy to have.

a fisherman with a redfish


Inshore fishing for redfish is a year-round occurrence in the Pawleys Island fishery, all that changes in winter is where and how.. alongside, size and numbers.

January redfish in Pawleys Island will generally be found in large schools inside of shallow waters. This makes both the coast of Pawleys Island the place to target them, but even more success can be found inside of Winyah Bay.

And, generally, these wintertime reds will be larger in size. This is because the big breeding females get mixed in as they hunt the inshore for food – recovering energy from spawning activities that happen in deeper water, earlier in fall.

fisherman with a seatrout


Another staple of the area is seatrout. They are also found all year, but this important species doesn’t shut down for winter.

Seatrout makes for a day of fun and exciting fishing and is great for filling the cooler – if that’s on your mind.

a fisherman with a blackdrum

Black Drum

Black Drum are more seasonal, though found here throughout a decent chunk of the year. January is a great month to target the species off Pawleys Island or in neighboring Winyah Bay.

Just bear in mind, if it’s cold, you’ll more likely find this species held up in deeper pockets around spring-fed creeks. In this, Winyah Bay is the place to be – if looking to catch a wintering black drum.

a picture of January In Pawleys Island with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Spring Outlook

It’s a little early to talk about, but as mentioned previously, the January species will be the same through the rest of winter. In spring, as things warm, a couple more prized fish show up in the estuary system. Given that fish react to temps, not the calendar – “spring-time fishing” can occur while it’s still technically winter.

So, if the weather warms or you are approaching spring, two more favorites arrive in this inshore fishery; sheepshead and flounder.

These are sometimes caught in the cooler months of winter, but not commonly. As soon as the temps start ticking back up for spring, expect to see these guys.

a fisherman with a redfish

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