Last Updated on August 21, 2021 by Eric Bonneman

We are in the middle of August, headed towards the tail end and one common denominator we have on most days is heat. This mid-day heat is playing a role in when, how, and where fish are being targeted around Murrells Inlet and Winyah Bay. Let’s look at what is biting and the ins and outs for August.

a fisherman with a blackdrum

When to Fish OnĀ  A Mid-Summer Day In Murrels Inlet

With daily temps hitting the mid 80’s regularly, with peaks towards 90 degrees, many inshore species are moving to more comfortable waters during this part of the day. In this, the early morning hours and the late day, headed towards dark, are the best times to fish the inshore area.

Mind The Tides

During the mid-day heat, a strong incoming tide can be your friend. This influx of cooler waters and the currents associated with a strong incoming tide will create some great opportunities. Right now (August 21, 2021), the incoming tides are in the 5-foot range, but are all are timed within those earlier and later hours. So, the morning and late afternoon plan is still going to be the case – regardless of temps or tides.

However, as we move into the end of August and the beginning of September – there will be high tide swings in the middle of the day when temps are at their highest (From noon to 4pm). It is these days you may find success mid-day, regardless of temps.

a fisherman with a flounder

What Is Biting At Murrells Inlet

When fishing the right temps, the inshore fishery of Murrells Inlet and the backcountry located in Winyah Bay are still being very productive. Among the most notable species being currently caught, redfish, black drum, and flounder are becoming August regulars.

At the same time, tarpon are finding their way into the area, while hit or miss, this species can be targeted and caught when found during this month.

As mentioned in a previous fishing report from that Captain, there was even a wayward striper caught in the past few days. While this is not something that should be on your August target list at Murrells Inlet – you still never know what species might arrive and surprise you on any given day.

a fisherman with a redfish

Where To Find Fish On Hot Days

Again, fishing early in the day or late towards the evening will be your friend right now. During these times, inshore species will be found in all the usual locations. Working the marsh grasses, drops, cuts, and passes will all provide you shots at several species of fish. On those days later in the month when the tide swings in mid-day, you can target all of these same areas as well.

If you find yourself with no other time to fish than during the heat of the day, chase the water column. Fish species arent just vanishing, they are moving to cooler water. This usually means deeper water. So, anywhere between the channels and waterways that feed Winyah Bay and Murrels Inlet, and along the coast in the nearshore fishery, specifically over reefs and wrecks, can be some great places to locate and target fish.

a picture of a tarpon

The Shortlist For The Inshore Angler

Here is the shortlist of tactics for August in Murrells Inlet during these hot summer days:

  • Fish Early In The Day
  • Fish Late In The Day
  • Fish Deeper Waters During The Hottest Times Of Day
  • Fish Strong Incoming Tides (Regardless of the time of day)
  • Target Redfish, Black Drum, and Flounder
  • Keep An Eye Out For Tarpon (Have a rig ready if you are looking to make this happen)