Murrells Inlet is located along South Carolina’s Grand Strand and provides exceptional fishing charter options.

Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters

Whether near Myrtle Beach or Georgetown, Murrells Inlet is centrally located with both inshore and nearshore fishing opportunities.

a fisherman with a kingfish

Who Should Consider A Murrells Inlet Fishing Charter?

This is the beauty of the area, regardless of skill level or desired fish to target Murrells Inlet is a great starting point that covers all of these bases.

In the backcountry side, Winyah Bay, you will find calm protected waters that can make for a family-friendly fishing day without the long boat ride into deeper waters. At the exact same time, this backcountry estuary system is also geared towards those highly skilled inshore anglers looking to sight-fish big redfish, black drum, and several other local species – including tarpon in the mid summer through the start of fall.

For those looking for offshore quality fishing, it exists within sight of the coastline – the nearshore fishery. This nearshore fishery is dotted with reefs and wrecks that hold species like kingfish, cobia, big flounder, Spanish mackerel, sharks, and more. The best part is this is also a trip where those with different skill levels or desired species to target each have the opportunity to enjoy a day of offshore quality fishing.

With Harvest Moon, our charters for Murrells Inlet guests start in the backcountry regardless of trip type, which can give you the opportunity to try your hand at both (weather, season, and time permitting). If you’re wondering why you would want to launch out of the backside of Murrells Inlet (closer to Georgetown, about 20 mins drive) for a day of fishing, I will quote the Captain, “Georgetown offers expansive, uncrowded waters with many options that provide flexibility, peace, and quiet for your trip.”

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What Does A Fishing Charter Near Murrells Inlet Cost?

The rates for fishing charters in the area vary depending on the charter service, the type of fishing, and sometimes the times of the year. With many rates changing without notice and some not even published, we took a different approach. As you can see below (or here) we offer real-time rates, availability, and reservations for your convenience.

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What Other Things Should I know About Murrells Inlet Fishing?

There is something to catch here all year. This is an active coastal fishery that is part of a huge estuary system and is located near the Atlantic shelf. This combination provides amazing fishing opportunities.

a fisherman with a blackdrum

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