May is the time of year when visitors begin showing up to Myrtle Beach for the start of golfing and summer vacations. Many of our guests seek out a fishing charter to enhance their Myrtle Beach experience. A fishing trip with the right guide can quickly become your group’s highlight of the vacation.

Fishing along the Grand Strand is heating up along with the rising water temperatures. Redfish are back on the move as they are actively searching for food, and the bull reds are showing up for their Spring spawn. The speckled trout appear to have done well through a mostly mild winter. This May trout bite is the best I’ve seen in years. Finally, the flounder bite has turned from Little River to Pawleys Island as confirmation that summer is near.

a picture of Myrtle Beach Fishing Report - May 2022 with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Tactical Strategies Working

The increased activity with inshore species along South Carolina’s coast offers more ways to target them. The reds and trout have been attacking topwater lures for the technical anglers. Early mornings in North Inlet, near Debordieu, can be very rewarding for fishermen who want to experience seeing these fish explode on the surface!

Redfish, Sea Trout, and Flounder have also been willing to bite on artificials during the daylight hours. We have been utilizing artificial baits on some of our charters to provide something different than live bait under a popping cork. Many anglers find it rewarding to catch fish on artificial, and they love feeling the thump on a strike!


a picture of Myrtle Beach Fishing Report - May 2022 with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Moon Phase Still Matters

While we are having some excellent fishing during the month of May, we still need to be mindful of the moon phase. I had one morning where we landed on an absolute feeding frenzy while topwater fishing. This was on the day of the full moon.

I thought our best chance for success would be to leave early with the following day’s group, but I was proved wrong. It is amazing how much things changed the day after the full moon. That whole morning was a struggle, but we were able to change things up to make the next day better. However, it is a humbling reminder to be prepared for the unexpected no matter how much time you spend fishing.


Live Bait Moving In

South Carolina’s waters from Little River to Murrell’s Inlet are beginning to see great quantities of quality live bait. Last year, we got a lot of ‘half-dollar’ size menhaden that weren’t hardy enough to use for bait. This year, we have a lot of these baits in the 3-4 inch range…perfect size for targeting the inshore species.


Tarpon Season Getting Close

The live bait we are seeing is an early sign that tarpon season is near. South Carolina tarpon fishing is the ultimate bucket list item for any skilled angler. Our Myrtle Beach tarpon charters will be getting fired up in the next 4-6 weeks. If you want to put in the time and work, one of these can give you the fishing experience of a lifetime. As more and more bait continues to show up, the tarpon will be soon to follow.


Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

If you are looking to highlight your vacation with a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter, we will be happy to give you the best possible experience. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Harvest Moon Fishing Charters will custom tailor a trip to meet your needs. Call us to book today 843-485-7424