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July marks the beginning of Pawleys Island’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’

The word of the month for Pawley’s Island is HOT HOT HOT! The dog days of Summer are not only upon us, they’re in full swing. This is a busy time of year, and just about every fishing guide is fully booked. However, all guides are not created equally; if you want a good one, you better book well in advance for a charter this time of year.

Pawleys Island’s Primary Targets for July

  • Tarpon
  • Redfish
  • Trout
  • Flounder
  • King Mackerel


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Inshore Fishing in Pawleys Island During July

July was preceded by extreme temperatures in the second half of June. The fishing has still been fairly good, but the afternoon fishing has been tough for light tackle species like Red Drum and Spotted Seatrout. The Tarpon bite has picked up, so that’s where we’ll start.

Pawleys Island Tarpon Fishing Report for July

Tarpon fishing in Pawley’s Island is one of the ultimate challenges for any angler. This time of year can be challenging for all inshore species, so sometimes you have to choose which challenge you want to deal with. While Tarpon fishing isn’t for everyone, these fish thrive along with the hot weather this time of year.

We have had a lot of family group trips this Summer, and have not had a chance to really target the Tarpon yet. However some of my friends have reported catching them while fun fishing without charters on board. I’ve just been too busy running light tackle charters to have a chance to get after them.

The Tarpon bite should continue to get better through September, so we’ll have plenty of time to get on them. It takes anglers with a lot of patience, agility, and ability for the best shot at success. I have some open spots for the second half of July if any of you want the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime.

South Carolina tarpon

South Carolina Tarpon can be a solid option for the right anglers in July.


Pawleys Island Redfish Report for July

The Pawleys Island, SC Red Drum bite can be challenging this time of year due to the heat. Early morning topwater fishing can be one of the best options this time of year. Targeting Reds on topwater means early mornings, and working the baits to entice a bite. Topwater fishing for Redfish is my favorite way to fish for them.

As the temperature begins to rise later in the morning, the Reds can be tougher to catch. The water is hot and flush with an abundance of bait, so there is really no urgency for these fish to feed.

I have kept my afternoon light tackle trips to a minimum since it’s gotten so hot. The few afternoon trips I have taken have proven to be extra challenging to get anything going. Afternoon fishing this time of year is best reserved for Tarpon.


family pictured with a red drum in pawleys island

Catching Redfish in the heat of Summer comes with some challenges.


Pawleys Island Speckled Trout Report for July

Pawleys Island Speckled Trout fishing has remained fairly consistent up to this past week. We’ve been able to get a half dozen or more fish on most mornings. We had some strong East and Northeast winds this week which seemed to shut the Trout bite down, but I expect them to be back to normal next week.

The past few Winters have been pretty mild in Pawleys Island, and that has helped keep our local Spotted Seatrout population healthy. Extreme cold snaps, along with overfishing, are the biggest threat to this species, but they seem to be thriving for now.

It’s nice to be able to target these fish year-round, so I try to do my part to practice conservation. We try to limit our harvest to what folks need for a good dinner, and we release all Trout over 20 inches. Release Over 20 is an initiative aimed at conserving larger fish that have superior genetics and produce millions of eggs. Supporting Speckled Trout’s ‘survival of the fittest’ will help continue to sustain our local population of this species.

woman holding a speckled trout

We release Spotted Seatrout over 20 inches to help conserve the fishery.

Pawleys Island Flounder Report for July

The flounder bite continues to be good in Pawley’s creek and the Winyah Bay jetties. We tried the 3 mile reef one day last week, and even though the conditions were perfect, we didn’t have much luck there. There has also been some decent flounder fishing around North Inlet.

The flounder are biting mud minnows and finger mullet. We have also caught a few on live shrimp and artificial baits. Our best results are coming from drifting these baits under a cork, close to the bottom.


boy holding a flounder

Flounder fishing is one of the top options for summertime in Pawleys Island.


Pawleys Island King Mackerel Fishing Report for July

The King Mackerel should be biting just off the beach in Pawleys Island, South Carolina this month. We saw some Kings being caught last time we were flounder fishing at the 3 mile. Normally I’m able to entice a bite off the back of the boat, but we didn’t have any menhaden that day, and they didn’t want to bite the mullet that I had.

The next calm day might be a good opportunity to get after these fish that earn their name as Smokers for how fast they peel line off the drag. A good morning of King Mackerel fishing can be a fishing charter’s dream, as there isn’t a ton involved in catching these impressive fish.


Pawleys Island Fishing Charters

That sums up the fishing report for July in Pawleys Island. I have a few openings near the end of the month, and the second half of August; so please reach out if you’re heading this way. If you are looking for a Pawleys Island Fishing Charter, please give me a call or book online. I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks so much for checking out my fishing reports!