Now is the time of year to plan your 2022 fishing adventure in the Pawleys Island area. The upcoming seasons will present a wide variety of fishing options to choose from. Harvest Moon Fishing Charters offers trips for everyone, inshore trips are a great option for family-friendly days, and inshore tarpon trips that can excite and challenge even the most seasoned of saltwater anglers.

Just a short drive from the popular vacation destinations of Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, Pawley’s Island and the expansive Winyah Bay and other nearby estuaries offer a gateway to uncrowded waters for a peaceful, fun, and productive fishing trip. Here are some of the highlights for our upcoming seasons.

anglers with redfish

As inshore water temperatures rise in the spring, redfish will begin to break away from schools in the backcountry and can be found throughout the area. The arrival of baitfish and shrimp will fire up these predators, and they will feed aggressively. Redfish will most reliably be found around natural structures from which they can ambush prey such as oyster bars, grassy points, etc. Sea trout and flounder will also move into the shallow coastal waters.

During the summer, nearshore fishing offers a range of species within a short boat ride from the marina. Within sight of land, we have the opportunity to fish offshore wrecks and structures to target kingfish, cobia, spanish mackerel, sharks, and more species. The wide variety of powerful fish offers a unique experience, with each bite potentially being a new species. One of the most exciting fish to catch offshore is the king mackerel or kingfish. They are fast and beautiful predators that strike lures and live bait aggressively and have long drag screaming runs. Not to mention they are excellent to eat as well.

a picture of a tarpon

During mid-summer and late fall the “Silver King” migrate through our area. The Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), a.k.a. “Silver King”, is one of the greatest and most challenging fish to catch. They are sought after for their size (50-150 pounds) and extreme fighting ability, usually leaping out of the water many times. Tarpon on native to the Atlantic coastline and migrate up the coast as the water temperatures increase to their summer highs. Anglers travel from far and wide to have a chance to catch the mighty Silver King.

No matter what style of fishing excites you, Capt. R.C. can put together the perfect trip. While planning your vacation to the South Carolina coast, make sure to think ahead and book a fishing trip with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters.