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Fall is always a welcomed season as the South Carolina coast comes off of its scorching summers. Even as temperatures remain in the 80’s, you can taste and feel Fall in the air. It seems like the fish enjoy the changing of season as much as we do!

This is the time of the year where baitfish are still plentiful along the Grand Strand. Winyah Bay is full of shrimp, pogies are off the beach in Debordieu, and mullet can be seen on the beach from Garden City to Pawley’s Island. The abundance of bait and cooling temperatures create an urgency for local fish to get ready for Winter. Our clients have been enjoying the start of Fall with steady action and pleasant days on the water.


a picture of Winyah Bay Fishing Comes to Life in Fall with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters


Speckled Trout are one of the most sought after species in the waters of Georgetown, SC during the Fall. These voracious feeders are reaching their peak spawning period, and they are eating heavy to build fat cells for the cold months ahead. Also known as Sea Trout, these fish will gorge themselves to the point where they create a ‘slick’ from the oils of baitfish being regurgitated.

We have had double digit days with trout over the past couple of weeks, catching nearly 30 fish on one stellar day! These days can be common this time of year with fish feeding on anything from live shrimp, mullet or artificials. I take special care to keep this off of social media because a solid trout bite is best kept to yourself and your clientele.


a picture of Winyah Bay Fishing Comes to Life in Fall with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters


It’s not just the trout that take advantage of the bait abundance during the cooler weather. Everything from redfish, ladyfish, black drum and flounder become active to survive the Winter. We have also had days in the double digits with redfish, and you can really get in to some hot action on black drum. Actually, we probably caught close to 20 reds the same day we caught those 30 trout. That was just one of those days where the fishing was on fire during one of the first snaps of cool weather.


a picture of Winyah Bay Fishing Comes to Life in Fall with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Nice red caught on a live mullet in Debordieu

Redfish will begin to school up in the next month, and we will be able to confidently target them with artificials. There is something about feeling how hard these fish hit a lure and the sheer strength they have. We are also still catching reds on topwater which is one of the most thrilling bites an angler can experience.


Bull reds kept bending the hooks, but Patrick got this nice trout on topwater

If you will be in South Carolina this Fall, be sure to reward yourself by booking a local fishing guide. If you cannot find availability on any of my calendars, please consider the local guides below;


Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Whether you are a skilled angler or a novice, I will do my best to tailor the day based on your needs. Specialties this time of year include top water fishing and tarpon fishing. If you are looking for an October fishing charter, give us a call to book today 843-485-7424