Murrells Inlet is located along South Carolina’s Grand Strand. The Grand Strand itself is a shelf of beach fronts located along the Atlantic coast that stretches from Georgetown up to just north of Myrtle Beach. It is the epicenter of stellar year-round inshore and nearshore fishing. If this is your first time looking for a charter to take you fishing in the area, here is a quick guide to help you along the way.

What’s Included On A Murrells Inlet Charter?

When selecting a charter business to take you fishing for a day, there are a few inclusions that you should expect. With a properly licensed Captain, your fishing license will be covered. This is especially important for out of state visitors where those fees can be pretty high. Alongside, you should be looking for properly operating and maintained equipment. The included equipment consists of the boat, fishing tackle, and safety equipment.

Your Captain, or fishing guide, will be at the helm during your charter trip. This is the most important part of the selection process as you are looking for a very specific combination. These traits should include experience, personality (a lot can be figured out here by looking at online reviews), and great knowledge of the area to be fished.

Besides these items, most charter businesses also provide an iced down cooler and some bottled water.

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You should bring some items with you, however. This includes things like weather-appropriate clothing, drinks and snacks, a cooler in your car if you plan to take home fish, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and maybe a small towel or two. If you have small children, under 10, you should consider locating your own properly fitting life jacket for them. While the boat will have this safety gear for adults, it is best to bring your own for your small framed members of the family.

What Kind Of Fishing Can We Do?

This is the best part – lots. Murrells Inlet is located in such a way that inshore, coastal, nearshore, backcountry, and even tarpon fishing are all on the table. This will come down to seasons and your desired style of fishing to define what type of charter you will go on. Whether pro or novice, bait, lure, or fly fishing- Murrells Inlet can provide you shots at nearly every style of fishing.

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When Is The Best Time To Book A Charter?

There is no time when the fishery is not active, though you may have specific requirements for weather and/or species that you are trying to plan around. In the spring and summer, you are going to have an awesome assortment of fishing opportunities inshore and off. Late in the summer and lasting until fall you will find the tarpon migration taking place. And in the winter there are shots at big breeder redfish, alongside other inshore favorites.

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Explore Charter Fishing In Murrells Inlet With Us

We take our Murrels Inlet guests on fishing trips that launch just to the south, along the shores of Winyah Bay. From here we can explore less crowded and more peaceful backcountry waters for inshore favorites, or head to the nearshore fishery for shots at kingfish, and other deeper water species. If interested in learning more about our offerings for Murrells Inlet, Start Here.

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