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It’s the perfect time of year for Georgetown fishing – Big Reds & Big Tarpon! During this part of summer, the Winyah Bay fishery as well as those along the coast are teeming with opportunities to target bull redfish and tarpon.

Bull Redfish

Georgetown is blessed with a lively coastal watershed known as Winyah Bay. This is an estuary system that draws in baitfish and those predators looking to make a quick meal of them. In mid-summer, and lasting all the way until Fall, Bull Redfish take to the area and become one of the most sought-after species during this time of year.

a fisherman with a redfish

These summertime Bulls will hit a variety of baits and lures. They aggressively feed and will gladly slam a well-presented snack. This is a bottom-dwelling species known for tailing while feeding on crabs and shrimp. However, in the summer this species takes to feeding on schools of baitfish.

It is during the summer, and warmer temps, where catching redfish on topwater lures becomes possible. Alongside, jigs, twitch baits, and plenty more will also do the trick. Of course, live bait will always be a winner with this fish as well. Regardless of bait choice, matching what is running in the area at the time will be the safest bet.

a picture of a tarpon


A favorite of Captain RC Ferdon here at Harvest Moon Fishing, the summer tarpon migration is underway in Georgetown. Part of an annual migration, tarpon arrive early in the summer and can remain in the area all the way until fall. This really comes down to water temps and baitfish migration patterns. In any case, this time of year is the right time to start going after tarpon in the area.

These are hard-fighting fish that will definitely leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

a fisherman with a flounder

Other Inshore Species

This is a highly active fishery that gets to see a wide variety of inshore species during the summer months. This species list can increase if you venture out along the coast for nearshore fishing action as well. Some of these species include flounder, seatrout, Spanish mackerel, and kingfish.

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