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Usually starting in June, and peaking in July through September, Tarpon fishing in Georgetown relies on the yearly Tarpon migration up the South Carolina coast. These fish can reach weights in excess of 1oolbs, offer an unmatched acrobatic battle, and leaves a memory that lasts a lifetime – See the what, why, and when of Georgetown tarpon fishing.

Georgetown Tarpon Fishing

Every summer tarpon follow schools of mullet and pods of baitfish along the eastern coast of the United States. Starting in Florida and traveling as far north as Maryland, this is a seasonal favorite that quickly becomes a fishing addiction for both pro and novice anglers. Dubbed “The Silver King”, this species of gamefish is hard to beat and Georgetown, SC draws them in.

What Affects The Start Of The Season?

Interestingly, the start of the tarpon season in Georgetown is reliant on how the winter was in the Florida Keys. It is the Florida Keys that houses these monsters during the cooler months. If there is a warmer than usual winter in Florida, then the season can start earlier than usual here, and vice versa when it’s colder than normal.

What Brings Tarpon To Georgetown?

The annual tarpon migration is driven by a few factors.

1. Temps

Tarpon migrate to stay in the water temps they thrive in best. They are best suited for water temperatures above 75° Fahrenheit, and it may even need to be warmer than that before they show up in South Carolina. While the Florida heat (where this all begins) will drive them north, the waters along the coastal Carolina’s become better-suited habitats for the species.

2. Spawning

Tarpon spawn, usually offshore, starting in spring and through summer. Once hatched, juvenile tarpon head to inshore estuaries, creeks, and rivers for protection while growing into their adult stages.

3. Hunger

Between migration and spawning, these battling machines require a steady supply of prey to feed on. In this, they chase mullet and baitfish along their migration route to keep this hunger under control and their energy levels up.

Enter, Georgetown

When you take into account all of the migratory needs and ambitions of tarpon, you soon come to realize that Winyah Bay is the culmination of everything this species is striving to accomplish during its migration.

The shores of Georgetown are the access point into Winyah Bay. Winyah Bay is a coastal watershed, or estuary, that provides habitat for baitfish, being river-fed it holds moderate temps and provides protection from predators. This ecosystem is rich in habitat for baitfish, providing all the nutrients that tarpon want. In this, tarpon can be found here in great numbers and ready to take your bait throughout the entire season.

a picture of tarpon

When To Expect Tarpon To Arrive In Georgetown For The 2024 Season

Looking at the moderate winter that Florida had this past 2023/24 season, we can expect to see tarpon beginning to arrive in June – possibly sooner. It is May, right now, and I am already having unconfirmed sightings. This 2024 Georgetown tarpon fishing season, depending on how the onset of winter occurs in our area, can last all the way into October.

Hiring A Local Tarpon Fishing Guide

With everything that must be considered when deciding the best times to fish for tarpon in Georgetown this year, a local guide who is doing all of the grunt work, studying patterns, and looking for signs, on the water, every day is going to be your best bet for tarpon success in the area.

Captain R.C. here at Harvest Moon is just that sort of tarpon fishing guide. Our tarpon fishing charters are one of our favorites and something we look forward to every season. Whether looking for a day of epic battles, creating memories with the family, or even pro’s looking to fling a fly at the Megalops Atlanticus, Harvest Moon Fishing Charters is the right choice in Georgetown.

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