Last Updated on December 31, 2022 by Capt. R.C.

Trevor and family came down from Michigan to make my last charter of the year a great one. They spent two weeks on their Christmas vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. Our local weather has been ironically similar to Michigan over the past couple of weeks, but they did not let it deter them from making the most of it!


I have to admit, with nearly a week of consistent lows in the teens, I was a little unsure of how the fishing would be. The recent weather pattern had also made it impossible to run any other trips with winds reaching 40 knots. Water temperatures had fallen from the upper 50’s to the lower 40’s. Being off the water for a week, coupled with the extreme weather, are always cause for a certain level of uncertainty.


Now that I’ve done my best to build up the suspense, we had a great day! Erin caught the first fish, and it was one of the nicest of the day. It took a while for the guys to catch on, but they ended up having some hot action. The reds cooperated nicely; which is encouraging, considering the recent cold snap we have had.


person with redfish



Despite the cold weather, it warms my soul to put my clients on their first saltwater fishing experience. It is even better when the plan comes together with steady action. Trevor, Logan and Erin did an excellent job casting their baits where they needed to, and enticing strikes by working their baits properly. I am glad I had the pleasure of taking this group fishing.


female holding a redfish



If you are planning a trip to coastal South Carolina, please look me up for a fishing experience you will truly enjoy. I grew up learning to fish these waters with my friends, and you will get that same experience on my boat. If you are an experienced angler, we can take more of a challenging technical approach; or I can keep things simple for anyone that wants to catch their first fish. Visit our contact page or book online.