March fishing in Winyah Bay’s estuarine system comes with challenges:

  • You have to pick your days due to unpredictable weather patterns
  • The vegetation breaking free from the creek bottom seems to cover your bait quicker than the fish are able to find it
  • The vegetation movements along with wind and rain begin to affect water clarity
  • Large schools of fish start splitting up, and become more difficult to locate

Despite these challenges, you can still scratch out a rewarding day by doing your homework and being persistent. Spend time ruling places out by working different spots with various tactics. This strategy might just help you find your new favorite fishing hole, instead of going back to the same spot out of complacency.

Being able to keep that ol’ reliable spot in your back pocket for “one of those days” can be priceless. Every now and then it pays off to spend a day of forcing yourself not to fish a single spot where you’d normally go. Putting in the time to rule out all those places you never tried will reward you by becoming a better angler.

After doing some spring transition scouting, I was able to give today’s group the highlight of their vacation. We had to move around a lot, but we finally landed in an area where the redfish were happy.

We also landed a nice trout, and even caught a bluefish on an afternoon topwater bite! That was cool, even though I got excited as the topwater bite came just after catching the trout haha! The redfish and trout were biting mud minnows under a float. We ended up with 15 redfish, a trout, and a couple of blues…pretty productive for mid-March in Georgetown, SC.

This is the beginning of our spring season, and things will continue to get better from here. Call us to book today 843-485-7424