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Georgetown Fishing Report for November and Outlook for December


This is the Georgetown fishing report for November. The Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year for fishing in Georgetown, SC. It seems like when the days get shorter, the fishing gets hotter; so scroll on down, and let’s talk some fishing!


man holding fish in georgetown, south carolina

Redfish stack up in schools in the late Fall and Winter!


What Fish are the Best Late Fall Bets in Georgetown, South Carolina?

  • Trout
  • Redfish
  • Sheepshead
  • Black Drum


fisherman with pawleys island gator trout

Speckled Trout are a fantastic target for anyone wanting some fish to eat!


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Georgetown Speckled Trout

Also known as “Winter Trout or Spotted Sea Trout”, Speckled Trout are perhaps my favorite target in Georgetown, South Carolina. Trout can be caught year-round in Winyah Bay and North Inlet, using a variety of techniques; however there is no better time to catch these fish than in the Fall. The Speckled Trout in Georgetown have made their last spawn of the year, and it’s time for them to feast before Winter gets here.

We have been having some Georgetown fishing charters where we are catching over 20 Trout. Of course you can still have a slow day every now and then, but we have still managed to get in to double digits on most trips this Fall. We are catching the most fish between Winyah Bay and Pawley’s Island, but the jetties are also producing Trout when the weather allows it.

Live shrimp under popping corks have been the most productive strategy, but the shrimp are becoming scarce in the waters around Georgetown, South Carolina. It is about time to start targeting the trout around Georgetown with artificial baits. Unlike shrimp under a cork, fishing with artificial bait provides the opportunity to employ more techniques. Using paddle tails or mirrolures allows you to cover more of the water column, and you can also troll these baits to locate fish!



fisherman holding spotted sea trout near georgetown, south carolina

Winter Trout can be a productive target until water temperatures reach the low 50’s.

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Redfish in Georgetown

The Bull Red Drum gave us some fun action through the Fall season, with some days of catching over 20 of these strong studs that earn their name! As Georgetown’s run of the Bull Reds comes to a close, we turn our attention to the schools of Red Drum in the creeks and bays.

Late Fall and Winter are the two seasons where me and my friends did most of our fishing as we grew up in Georgetown. I guess being a Georgetown, South Carolina native gives us some advantages when it comes to fishing Winyah Bay and North Inlet. Now we practice catch and release, but I can remember days where we caught over 100 Redfish between two or three anglers.

Red Drum instinctively form schools in shallow creeks around Georgetown as a way of protecting themselves from predators like dolphins. If you can quietly find a school of these fish, it seems like they will eat just about anything you throw at them! I like to use a black (silver or gold might spook them) spoon, because soft plastics get torn up while fighting these Reds.



two Georgetown, South Carolina anglers with redfish

Redfish plus Winter can equal non-stop action!


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Sheepshead Biting at Georgetown Jetties

two men holding red drum and sheepshead at georgetown, sc jetties

The may still be more time for catching Sheepshead at the Georgetown Jetties!


Catching Sheepshead on Georgetown Fishing Charters! Sheepshead can sometimes be just what is needed to make the day in Georgetown, SC. Since they only eat shellfish, Sheepshead have a delicious flavor comparable to Hognose Snapper.

We are catching Sheepshead on calm days at the Georgetown jetties, using live shrimp. Fiddler Crabs also make good bait, but I feel like it is easier to catch them on shrimp. You better be ready! With Sheepshead, they always say, “you have to set the hook before you feel the bite!”

Once the water temperatures cool down to the lower 50’s in Georgetown and Winyah Bay, the Sheepshead bite will slow down at the jetties; so the Fall is your time to make the most of it!


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Georgetown, SC Black Drum Fishing


black drum fish caught at the georgetown, sc jetties

Georgetown, SC Black Drum action gets hot when the weather gets cold!


Winter fishing charters in Georgetown, South Carolina can be very productive when targeting Black Drum. We like to pursue Black Drum with frozen shrimp around North Inlet and Pawley’s Island. The Georgetown Jetties are also good whenever you can get a calm day.

If you can get a school of Black Drum fired up, you can catch them all day long. I have already had a trip where we caught more than 10 fish in a short period of time. While these fish are also good to eat, we try to limit what we keep in order to sustain the resource.

We primarily use live shrimp when targeting Black Drum around Georgetown, SC. Bottom rigs with 1 ounce weights are usually all you need for a successful fishing trip with Black Drum.


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Booking a Georgetown, SC Fishing Charter

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