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As we transition through the start of school and start to see folks headed back on the water, those in the Myrtle Beach area might be looking for some great inshore fishing opportunities. Redfish, flounder, black drum, and even tarpon are currently out there. Let’s take a quick look at some great nearby fishing spots.

Winyah Bay

Winyah Bay is the third-largest coastal watershed along the east coast. It is an estuarine system that houses popular inshore gamefish species all year long. There are multiple entry points for fishing in Winyah Bay, the most popular being Georgetown (as this has the most direct access to the core of this bay system).

We are sitting right now at the start of September and there is plenty to catch or target. Redfish, seatrout, black drum, and flounder will make up most of your day. If you are prepared for it, tarpon fishing is also a possibility right now, but this will fade as we get deeper into Fall.

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Pawley’s Island

Pawley’s Island is another popular destination when looking for an inshore fishery near Myrtle Beach. The island itself has a protected inshore fishing area along its length, on the mainland facing side. You can also note that if you continue looking past that mainland area you’ll find the Waccamaw River, which feeds directly into Winyah Bay.

The inshore fishing here will align you with those similar inshore targets (redfish, seatrout, black drum, and flounder), but is a smaller fishery when compared to Winyah Bay.

a picture of Inshore Fishing Near Myrtle Beach with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Georgetown Lighthouse

The area surrounding the Georgetown Lighthouse is sort of an all-inclusive mix of fishing experiences. You will find that it is situated at the inlet to Winyah Bay from the Atlantic and is backed by the North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

When you combine these three main features, Winyah Bay, the direct ocean access inlet, and the backcountry estuary system – you wind up with the perfect mix of inshore fishing, with shots at some larger species in the immediate area. This positioning will also set you up for working any tidal situation, as well as offer you a quick out during any harsh weather event.

A couple more opportunities arise here if you have the boat and gear. These are being able to beach fish along the Baruch-North Island Reserve and hitting the nearby wrecks and reefs for some great deeper water fishing (kingfish, cobia, sharks, and more). You are also more likely to encounter migrating tarpon in this area.

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