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The spring and summer months mark the beginning of the tarpon season in Georgetown, SC. These beasts flood into the backcountry estuaries and line the coast looking for their next meal along their migratory path to the north. Then, as summer winds down, they make their return trip through the area, which all equates to – Tarpon Time In Georgetown!

The 2021 Tarpon Season

The 2021 tarpon season is already underway. The fish have started to make appearances and every day your odds of getting a hook set on The Silver King increases. The end of the season will come down to the onset of winter. If it comes in cold and early then the season will be shorter, and vice versa. They can stick around to as late as October with a mild incoming winter. In the middle? Epic battles await those targeting this special species.

About The Migration

It’s important to understand the migration pattern and what brings them here. These fish are following water temps, schools of baitfish, and their spawning patterns. This migration starts as far south as South America, but the start for us is marked in the Florida Keys. This is where we start tracking the migration all the way up to our coast and beyond.

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What Makes Tarpon Fishing So Awesome

It comes down to two ingredients, the hunt and the battle.

Watching tarpon smash schools of baitfish, roll along the surface by the dozens, and cruising the shallows gets your heart pumping.

Casting your presentation and getting a strike send you into overdrive.

At this point, two things are going to happen. First, you’re going to go through a roller coaster of excited emotion along with a mind spinning with what the right moves to make are – followed by an extremely hard run and acrobatic aerial assaults.

Which lines up the second thing, you’re either in for a long battle bringing you to a leader touch at the boat or extreme heartbreak as the fish spits the hook. Both are common and the odds are about even. Some experienced tarpon fishermen even find themselves addicted to the heartbreak – as this makes the ones that get landed that much more special.

And regardless of the outcome, every battle with a tarpon is special. It creates a memory that none forget and is definitely on the bucket list of most anglers worldwide.

a picture of a tarpon

Come Fish With Us

Captain R.C. here at Harvest Moon is your local “go-to” tarpon pro. He is a professional guide who specializes in tarpon fishing in the area and loves taking clients, new and old, out for their shots every day of the tarpon fishing season. If you are looking for a great summertime fishing adventure with a gamefish species that holds the respect of anglers from all over the world – come join us for a tarpon fishing charter out of Georgetown. It will be a decision you will not regret.

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