Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by Capt. R.C.

Brian and Jay brought Wyatt and Jake down from their Myrtle Beach vacation to do a little fishing, this week. Wyatt and Jake are athletes back home in Kentucky, but they were able to put their fishing skills on display in Winyah Bay.

Brian set up the trip, and asked that we try to put them on some action whether it be redfish, trout or whatever. We were going to be fishing the smaller tide of the day right behind the new moon.

I decided it would be best to get out there in time to at least catch the middle of the rising tide. The cloudy conditions also gave us the opportunity to focus on one of my specialties, top-water fishing for reds and trout.

When we arrived, Jake got the first blowup on his third cast. Then Wyatt caught the first trout measuring 19 inches! We probably had around a dozen blowups which is some of the most exciting action you can experience while fishing. Although we never got a redfish to participate, we ended up with six trout in the cooler.


a picture of Myrtle Beach Redfish and Trout on Topwater with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters


As we got close to the top of the tide, the trout bite turned off. You know the only way to beat getting blown up on topwater all morning would be to get hooked up with a tarpon. We were able to find a nice school of pogies that were mixed in size so we culled through to get the largest ones for live bait.

As we got set up at the first spot, it looked like some thunderstorms were trying to form. With that, and the fact we weren’t seeing much action, we headed a little closer to home to end the day. We ended up finding the bait, and everything was perfect; however we were not able to get any hook-ups. I believe we did see one fish, but I was unable to get him to take an artificial.

It was really nice to see how these young men have embraced fishing in their lives. “Walking the Dog” with a topwater bait takes a certain skill to find the right cadence for getting a fish to strike. On top of that, the patience they exhibited while tarpon fishing exceeded that of many adults. I hope they will remember their experience fondly enough to come fishing with me again, next year.


Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

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