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If you’re looking to reel in some good fishing this season, now’s the time to fish Winyah Bay. This area offers plenty of opportunities for great summer catches, including tarpon, seatrout, flounder, and redfish. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisherman, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Winyah Bay.

July Inshore Fishing In Winyah Bay

July is an excellent month to go fishing in Winyah Bay. The water is warm, and the fish are biting. There are a variety of fish to choose from, including seatrout, redfish, and flounder. The bay is also beautiful this time of year, with lush green foliage and bright flowers lining the shore. In addition, the weather is typically perfect in July, making it a great time to spend a few hours outdoors. So whether you’re looking for a fun activity or a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery, make sure to add Winyah Bay to your list of fishing destinations this July.

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The Tarpon Migration

Every year, tarpon migrate through the waters off The Grand Strand as part of their yearly journey. For many fishermen, this is the perfect time to try their hand at tarpon fishing.

Winyah Bay is one of the best spots to catch tarpon, and July is the ideal time to head out on the water. Tarpon can weigh in at as much as 200 pounds, making them a challenging catch for even the most experienced fisherman. However, the satisfaction of landing a tarpon is well worth the effort.

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Other Inshore Species

July is an excellent time to fish for sheepshead in Winyah Bay. They’re often found around docks, piers, and other structures with plenty of cover.

Every summer, the flood tides bring in a bounty of fish to Winyah Bay. Among them is the black drum, a prized catch for many anglers. These fish are known for their fight, but once you’ve managed to reel one in, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious meal.

Black drum are typically caught using live bait, such as shrimp or crabs. However, they will also bite on cut bait and artificial lures. Flood tide is the perfect time to target these fish as they move into the shallows in search of food. So next time the flood tides roll in, be sure to head out to Winyah Bay and try your luck at catching a black drum.

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If you’re looking for even more excitement this summer, Winyah Bay is home to excellent shark fishing. The Bay is home to a variety of sharks, and with the warm weather- there’s no better time to go out and try to catch one of these impressive fish.

Once you’re out on the Bay, keep an eye out for schools of fish. Sharks are attracted to areas where there is a lot of activity, so this is a good place to start your search. If you see a shark circling around, get ready to set your hook. And be prepared for a fight – these fish will work you out!

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Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore fishing wrecks and reefs are a great way to catch snapper, grouper, and triggerfish in July. There are many wrecks and reefs to choose from, so it’s important to do your research before you go out.

Fishing for pink snapper in nearshore waters out of Winyah Bay can be a great experience. The bay is home to a healthy population of pink snapper, and the nearshore waters provide easy access for anglers. When targeting pink snapper in Winyah Bay, anglers can expect to catch a mix of keepers and throwbacks.

Vermillion snapper fishing in nearshore waters out of Winyah Bay can be amazing. The key to success is fishing around structures like reefs or shipwrecks. These fish love to hide in the crevices and ledges, so targeting these areas is important.

Gray triggerfish is a popular target for fishermen in nearshore waters out of Winyah Bay. Triggerfish are found in a variety of habitats, but they seem to prefer areas with sandy bottoms and plenty of cover. They are relatively easy to catch and provide good eating.

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Top Recommendation: Tarpon

July is a great month for fishing in WInyah Bay, and tarpon fishing is our top choice. It’s something that shouldn’t be missed. Tarpon are iconic gamefish and prized for their size, strength, and acrobatic fights. They’re found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world, and they’re migratory fish. In WInyah Bay, they arrive in early July. They congregate in large groups near the mouth of the bay, where the water is warm, and baitfish are plentiful.

After this migration, tarpon will disperse and head back to their winter homes. So if you want to catch a tarpon, you need to be prepared to fish during this brief window of opportunity.


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