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Pawleys Island is a coastal town in North Carolina that creates the perfect atmosphere for year-round fishing. We are in Fall, but we did want to look forward and check out what the winter fishing in Pawleys Island is like – and what you can expect on a charter.

Pawleys Island Winter Fishing

Thanks to this year-round fishery, fishing during the winter season in Pawleys Island can bring you exciting fishing action. Pawleys Island itself makes for a great getaway destination with its low-country scenery, places to relax, and plenty of fishing opportunities while you’re there.

The wintertime temps in the area generally see highs in the 60’s and lows in the upper 30’s (closer to 40). Water temps will average in the mid-60’s.

a fisherman with a redfish

Wintertime Species

So what can you catch in the winter? Pawleys Island offers you shots at redfish, seatrout, black drum, and a handful of other inshore species. But, few will argue that redfish are the primary targets during this time of year.

Wintertime redfish tend to school up on the shallow water flats. During the day it is best to look for reds laid up trying to warm up in the sun. This will generally be an east-facing, sunny, bank during the early and mid parts of the day.

anglers with redfish

When water temps drop sharply, then you will tend to find redfish schooled up in deeper pockets of water looking for comfortable temperature zones. In any of these cases, when you find a school of redfish it is best to fish the edges – don’t dive-bomb your bait right into the middle. Working the edges will almost always entice the bite, will help keep the school together, and provide some great fishing action for the next little while.

The next most active wintertime species from our list is speckled seatrout. Though Fall may be considered prime time in surrounding areas, around Pawleys Island the ‘trout fishing doesn’t slow down when the temps come down.

You may also come across juvenile flounder during the winter, but do note that the big “doormat” breeders have moved out for the winter.

Fish With Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Harvest Moon Fishing Charters take guests from Pawleys Island into the amazing Winyah Bay during the winter. It is just a short drive to the launch and you will be fishing the backside waters of Pawleys Island, near Georgetown. This will land you into a great salt marsh environment that is also the outlet for several coastal rivers. What this means for you is that those temperate waters these fish species are looking for in the winter can be found right inside Winyah bay.

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