The Grand Stand is a 60 mile stretch of land between Little River and Winyah Bay in South Carolina.   It is well-known as one of the top destinations in the world for fishing enthusiasts, especially those targeting redfish. 

The Best Spot For Redfish Along The Grand Strand

Winyah Bay, in particular, tops the list of fishing spots for anyone looking to get in on some excellent redfish action.

a picture of Winyah Bay, The Best Spot For Redfish Along The Grand Strand with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

What Makes Winyah Bay So Special?

The interconnected estuaries of Winyah Bay are one of the most productive water systems on the east coast.    The confluence of four rivers is the primary reason for the healthy ecosystem. 

This river junction results in a steady flow of water into Winyah Bay which means that there is a regular influx of new life into the area.  The result is plenty of prey for hungry predators.  Redfish swarm to the area because they know that they can eat and eat well!

What Tactics Work Best for Reds in Winyah Bay?

Although there are seemingly endless methods to employ when targeting redfish, several tactics deserve special attention because of their popularity and effectiveness.  

Sight fishing for reds is, perhaps, one of the most exciting ways to catch an inshore fish.   Redfish are known to “tail” or wake, giving away their location to savvy anglers.  Stealth, skill, and technique are all required for the best chances of success. 

With some practice and the proper guidance, anglers can use this highly effective tactic to hook up with plenty of redfish in these South Carolina coastal waters.

Artificial lures are also a great way to catch redfish in Winyah Bay.  Using artificial moving baits is a powerful way to cover a ton of ground when reds don’t give away their location by tailing or waking. 

Topwaters and some soft plastics work well to search for reds, often eliciting vicious bites in the process.  A hotspot has likely been identified after you get a bite or two in one area.  Once that occurs, slowing down and picking apart an area with slower-moving artificials or live bait can be very productive.

a picture of Winyah Bay, The Best Spot For Redfish Along The Grand Strand with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Why Choose Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Choosing the right charter service can seem like an overwhelming task.  With a plethora of options, visitors are faced with questions about whom to choose and why.  The most important factors to consider are a Captain’s experience on the water and their local knowledge. 

Harvest Moon Fishing Charters is the premier saltwater fishing guide service in the area.  Capt. Richard has been fishing coastal South Carolina since he first started accompanying his  “Granny” Eunice Price on her trips as a toddler. 

Captain Richard’s legacy in and around Winyah Bay is full of deep-seated local fishing knowledge with historic roots second to none. 

Schedule Your Trip With Harvest Moon

For the best angling experience in Winyah Bay, contact Capt. RC.  His passion for the area and background in local waters make him the ideal candidate for captaining your next South Carolina fishing adventure.