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If you’re planning to fish around Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand this year, you’re in for a treat. The 2024 Fishing Calendar isn’t just a bunch of dates and fish names; it’s your roadmap to some of the best fishing experiences in South Carolina. Whether you’re a local with a lifetime of fishing stories or a visitor with a keen interest in casting a line, this calendar is something you’ll want to keep handy.

Here in the Grand Strand, fishing isn’t just a pastime; it’s a way of life for many. Our waters are teeming with a variety of species, and each month brings something new to the table, literally. From the bustling inshore waters of Murrells Inlet to the serene backcountry fishing around Pawleys Island, there’s a spot for every angler. And it’s not just about the location; it’s about understanding the rhythm of the seasons and the fish that follow them.

So, whether you’re looking to battle it out with a feisty Red Drum or quietly hunt for Flounder, our 2024 Fishing Calendar will guide you on when and where to find your next big catch. Let’s get ready to make some memories on these waters.

man holding big redfish in georgetown

January Fishing

January in Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand is more than just chilly winds and quiet beaches; it’s a prime time for some serious inshore and nearshore fishing. The waters might be cooler, but they’re full of life, offering a variety of species for those willing to brave the cold.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Spotted Seatrout: Agile and lively.
    • Red Drum: Strong fighters.
    • Black Drum: Stubborn and rewarding.
    • Sheepshead: Tricky but worth the effort.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Black Sea Bass: Feisty and abundant.
    • Weakfish: Really good eating this time of year.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Bonnethead Shark: Smaller but thrilling.
    • Atlantic Sharpnose Shark: Quick and surprising.

This time of year, the inshore waters are less crowded, giving you a peaceful fishing experience. It’s a good season for those who enjoy a more relaxed fishing trip with a variety of species to target.

February Fishing

As we roll into February, the waters around Myrtle Beach start to stir with activity. It’s an underrated month for fishing, but those in the know can find some real gems.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Red Drum: Still going strong.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Quick bites in cool water.
    • Black Drum: Continuously rewarding.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Weakfish: A delightful catch.
    • Black Sea Bass: Always a crowd-pleaser.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Bonnethead Shark: Continues from January.
    • Atlantic Sharpnose Shark: Steady presence.
    • Blacktip Shark: Adding some excitement.

February’s chill doesn’t slow down the fishing opportunities. It’s a great month for those who appreciate the quiet beauty of the season and the variety of fish it brings to our shores.

boy holding black drum near myrtle beach

March Fishing

March around Myrtle Beach marks the beginning of spring and brings a fresh buzz to the fishing scene. The water starts to warm up, and with it, a variety of fish make their way closer to shore.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Flounder: Starting to show up.
    • Red Drum: Consistent and reliable.
    • Sheepshead: Still biting well.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Increasing in activity.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Bluefish: Energetic and fun.
    • Weakfish: A pleasant surprise.
    • Black Sea Bass: Continuing their presence.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Atlantic Sharpnose Shark: A steady catch.
    • Blacktip Shark: Beginning to make waves.

As the chill of winter fades, March becomes a transitional period for fishing in the Grand Strand. It’s an exciting time for anglers looking to experience the beginning of the spring fishing surge.

April Fishing

April’s arrival in Myrtle Beach ushers in some of the best fishing days of the year. The waters are livelier, and the fish are more active, making it a favorite month for many local anglers.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Flounder: More frequent catches.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Active and plentiful.
    • Red Drum: Continuing their strong showing.
    • Sheepshead: Still a challenging catch.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Spanish Mackerel: Fast and thrilling.
    • Bluefish: Aggressive fighters.
    • Weakfish: A rewarding catch for the patient angler.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Blacktip Shark: Providing excitement.
    • Bonnethead Shark: A fun, smaller shark challenge.

April is a vibrant month for fishing, offering a mix of calm inshore waters and the thrill of nearshore adventures. It’s a great time to enjoy the variety of fish that the Grand Strand waters have to offer.

father and son holding gator trout

May Fishing

May in Myrtle Beach is when the fishing really starts to heat up, both in temperature and action. The waters are bustling with life, making it a great time for anglers to get out there and enjoy the variety.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Spotted Seatrout: In full swing.
    • Flounder: Getting more active.
    • Red Drum: Plenty to go around.
    • Black Drum: A steady presence.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • King Mackerel: Fast and furious.
    • Cobia: A strong and challenging catch.
    • Spanish Mackerel: Quick and abundant.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Blacktip Shark: Providing consistent action.
    • Spinner Shark: A real acrobat in the water.
    • Bonnethead Shark: Ideal for a lighter challenge.

May is the month when the waters around the Grand Strand come alive with diverse fishing opportunities. It’s perfect for those looking to catch a variety of species in both inshore and nearshore waters.

June Fishing

June in Myrtle Beach means longer days, warmer waters, and an abundance of fishing opportunities. The fish are plentiful, and the variety is impressive.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Red Drum: Continues to be a top catch.
    • Flounder: Peak season for these flatfish.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Still going strong.
    • Black Drum: Consistent catches.
    • Tarpon: Possible sightings.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Spanish Mackerel: A summertime favorite.
    • Cobia: Big and challenging.
    • King Mackerel: High-speed fishing at its best.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Tiger Shark: The ocean’s big game.
    • Bull Shark: Powerful and thrilling.
    • Blacktip Shark: A staple of summer shark fishing.

June’s vibrant fishing scene makes it one of the best months for anglers on the Grand Strand. Whether you’re inshore or venturing a bit further out, the excitement is guaranteed.

a picture of 2024 Fishing Calendar for Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

July Fishing

July on the Grand Strand is all about sunny days and lively waters. This is when fishing hits a high note, with a variety of species making their presence known in both inshore and nearshore areas.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Spotted Seatrout: Active in the warm waters.
    • Flounder: Plenty around for a challenging hunt.
    • Red Drum: Keeping the lines tight.
    • Tarpon: Beginning to see better numbers
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • King Mackerel: Speedy and abundant.
    • Barracuda: A thrilling catch with sharp teeth.
    • Cobia: A strong fighter, great for a challenging day.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Bull Shark: The heavyweights of the sea.
    • Hammerhead Shark: A rare and exciting sight.
    • Blacktip Shark: Continuously offering a good fight.

July’s fishing scene is as hot as the weather, making it a perfect time for those looking to experience the thrill of summer fishing on the Grand Strand.

August Fishing

As August rolls in, the waters around Myrtle Beach remain warm and inviting, offering a rich mix of fishing experiences for both the casual angler and the seasoned fisherman.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Red Drum: Consistent and rewarding.
    • Tarpon: The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Tarpon Season is in full swing.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Still a popular catch.
    • Flounder: Skilled at hiding but worth the effort.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Barracuda: Offering a fierce battle.
    • Amberjack: Known for their strength and stamina.
    • King Mackerel: Continuing their strong summer presence.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Hammerhead Shark: An unforgettable catch.
    • Nurse Shark: Unique and less aggressive.
    • Blacktip Shark: A staple in the shark fishing scene.

In August, the fishing opportunities are as abundant as the summer sun, making it an ideal time for those who love a variety of fishing challenges.

georgetown tarpon

September Fishing

As September ushers in the early hints of fall in Myrtle Beach, the fishing scene takes on a new character. The waters are still warm, but there’s a sense of change as different species start to become more active.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Flounder: In full swing, offering great catches.
    • Red Drum: Steady and reliable as always.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Increasingly active as the water cools.
    • Tarpon: Still showing a strong presence.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Spanish Mackerel: Fast and plentiful, a real treat.
    • Amberjack: Known for their power and size.
    • Barracuda: A challenging catch with a fierce fight.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Nurse Shark: A more relaxed shark fishing experience.
    • Blacktip Shark: Continues to provide excitement.
    • Hammerhead Shark: A rare and thrilling encounter.

September is a transitional month that offers a diverse range of fishing experiences, perfect for those who enjoy a mix of calm and excitement on their fishing trips.

October Fishing

October in the Grand Strand brings cooler temperatures and some of the year’s best fishing. The changing season sees a shift in the species available, making it a favorite time for many local anglers.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Spotted Seatrout: Peak season for these feisty fish.
    • Red Drum: Robust and plentiful, a real joy to catch.
    • Flounder: Still around and ready to be caught.
    • Black Drum: A steady presence in the inshore waters.
    • Tarpon: Migratory fish are still being targeted.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Sheepshead: Tricky but rewarding.
    • Black Sea Bass: A constant favorite.
    • Spanish Mackerel: Wrapping up their season with a bang.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Blacktip Shark: A consistent performer in the shark world.
    • Hammerhead Shark: Offering an impressive end-of-season catch.

October’s cooler waters bring a new dimension to fishing in Myrtle Beach, with a variety of species available for those keen to experience the best of fall fishing.

a picture of 2024 Fishing Calendar for Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

November Fishing

November in the Grand Strand brings a quieter, more reflective time for fishing. The crowds thin out, but the waters are still rich with fish, offering a peaceful yet rewarding experience for those who venture out.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Red Drum: Robust and plentiful, offering great sport.
    • Black Drum: A steady catch with a good fight.
    • Spotted Seatrout: Active in cooler waters.
    • Flounder: Still around, providing a challenging hunt.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Weakfish: An underrated but delightful catch.
    • Bluefish: Aggressive and fun to reel in.
    • Black Sea Bass: Consistently good fishing.
  • Shark Fishing:
    • Atlantic Sharpnose Shark: A mainstay in the cooler months.
    • Blacktip Shark: Providing some late-season excitement.

November’s cooler temperatures and quieter waters make it an ideal time for those who prefer a more serene fishing experience without compromising on the quality of the catch.

December Fishing

December around Myrtle Beach might be cooler, but the fishing opportunities are still hot. It’s a time when dedicated anglers can enjoy some of the most peaceful and rewarding fishing of the year.

  • Inshore Fishing:
    • Spotted Seatrout: Active and plentiful in the chilly waters.
    • Black Drum: A reliable catch throughout the month.
    • Red Drum: Continuing their strong presence.
    • Flounder: Wrapping up the season with good opportunities.
  • Nearshore Fishing:
    • Sheepshead: Skillful fishing for patient anglers.
    • Black Sea Bass: A consistent option for a great day out.

As the year comes to a close, December offers a unique fishing experience, with fewer boats on the water and plenty of fish in the sea, making it a perfect time for those who enjoy the quiet and calm of winter fishing.

man with sheepshead fish

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