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For many Myrtle Beach guests, the action of fishing on an offshore fishing charter often comes after long boat rides into deeper waters. However, if you’re in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas like Georgetown, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Here, the promise of landing a monster fish doesn’t require hours getting to and from the spost. Instead, a short trip will land you in some of the best nearshore fishing spots loaded with popular species.

Reefs and Wrecks: A Stone’s Throw Away

One of the prime attractions of nearshore fishing in this area is the abundance of wrecks and reefs. South Carolina’s coastline boasts almost 40 artificial reefs. Specifically, around areas like Pawley’s Island, Debordieu, and Georgetown, nearly 15 of these reefs are just a quick boat ride away. These structures serve as magnets for a variety of fish species, making them ideal spots for a day of fishing.

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What Can You Expect to Catch?

The species diversity in these nearshore waters is astounding. Some of the popular catches include:

  • Kingfish: These sleek-bodied fish can make a day for any angler, often providing their vigorous runs.
  • Cobia: Agile and strong, cobias can surprise you with their fight.
  • Sharks: A variety of shark species inhabit these waters, and landing one is a mix of skill, patience, and strength.
  • Spanish Mackerel: These quick swimmers often move in schools, making them an exciting catch on lighter tackle.
  • Monster Flounder: These flat fish, while often associated with inshore waters, can also be targeted in nearshore zones.

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Harvest Moon Guide Service

Captain R.C. of Harvest Moon Guide Service is no stranger to these waters. With years of experience fishing offshore of South Carolina, he possesses the know-how and expertise to ensure a successful and memorable fishing trip. Whether you’re targeting a specific species or just looking to keep the poles bent throughout the day, Captain R.C. will guide you to the hottest spots.

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Why Choose Nearshore Fishing?

The primary advantage of a nearshore fishing charter is its convenience. There’s no need for lengthy boat rides, which means more time with your line in the water. It’s ideal for those who want a taste of offshore fishing without committing a day to riding back and forth. Plus, staying within sight of land offers a unique backdrop, adding to the overall experience.

Myrtle Beach and its surrounding areas offer a unique nearshore fishing experience. With a plethora of species to target and the convenience of shorter boat rides, it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Whether you’re a local, a visitor here for the beaches and golf, or someone looking to hear the reel scream without the long haul offshore, nearshore fishing promises adventure, excitement, and big fish.

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