Harvest Moon Fishing Charters offers half and full-day fishing trips for vacationers visiting Myrtle Beach. Our rates and trip times are pretty flexible, with 4 to 8 hours options. We’ll dive deep into your best options and what you can expect when booking a trip.

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A Quick Look At Fishing Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Info

Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters is a must-do for every angler – rookie or pro. For families, there is no better way to explore Myrtle Beach’s coastal areas.

You might think you’ve experienced all there is to fishing. But let me tell you – Myrtle Beach takes it up a notch.

The diversity of marine life and pristine waters make Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters an experience that’ll keep calling you back for more.

Fishing Charter Rates Include:

  • Coast Guard Licensed and Insured Captain
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Fishing Gear, Bait, Ice & Fuel
  • Bottled Waters
  • Clean and Filet your catch (Redfish are catch and release)

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Where Can You Find a Fishing Trip in Myrtle Beach?

If you plan to visit Myrtle Beach, you are probably thinking about a fishing charter. South Carolina’s coastal waters provide the ideal setup for a half-day or full-day fishing charter. Our coast has several main inlets and over 20 artificial reefs within 15 miles offshore.

boat overlooking sunrise.

Inlets Located on the Grand Strand

  • Little River
  • Murrells Inlet
  • Winyah Bay

While Little River and Murrell’s Inlet have their place, you will want to consider Winyah Bay for your inshore fishing charter. If you are looking for a deep-sea fishing charter, Little River and Murrell’s Inlet are good options due to their proximity to the ocean; however, there are limited options for inshore fishing. Winyah Bay is located in Georgetown, which is a short drive from Myrtle Beach.

Map of Myrtle Beach to Georgetown

Winyah Bay: Your Best Option for a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

You will have many more options, with much less boat traffic, to pursue on a 4 to 8 hour fishing charter. Being the third largest watershed on the East Coast, Winyah Bay has plenty of room to make the most of an inshore fishing charter and is close to Myrtle Beach.

When you choose a half-day charter, you have the whole day ahead of you upon your return. Visiting Georgetown for your fishing trip will get you away from the crowds and allow you to see more of the Grand Strand, where things aren’t quite so busy.

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Why Fish Winyah Bay from Myrtle Beach?

  • Only a 30-minute drive
  • Access to multiple estuaries
    • Winyah Bay
    • North Inlet
    • Jetties
    • Santee Delta
    • McClellanville
  • Uncrowded waters
  • Ability to visit smaller coastal communities
    • Litchfield
    • Pawleys Island
    • Historic Georgetown

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Most Popular Charter: Half-Day Trips

If you want a Myrtle Beach fishing charter, Harvest Moon Fishing Charters offers an experience you will truly enjoy.

I grew up fishing these waters with my friends, and you will get that same experience. If you are an experienced angler, we can take more of a challenging technical approach; or I can keep things simple for anyone that wants to catch their first fish.

Visit our contact page or book online.

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What Can You Expect on a Half-Day Fishing Charter?

Most people look at our morning or afternoon 4 and 5-hour options for their half-day fishing trip, which allows you to travel light. I will provide bottled waters; you can bring your own beverages (no glass, please). Bring a few snacks if you like, but the short duration of these trips usually leaves snacks uneaten.

You only need the items you normally use for a day in the sun. Most inshore fishing boats do not have a restroom, so you will want to go before leaving the dock. If you need to use the restroom on the water, I can find an option for you.

a fisherman

The actual fishing aspect of a half day’s fishing can vary based on what’s biting and the skill levels aboard. I normally keep things simple and will have bait before leaving the dock. If better bait is available to be caught, we will spend some time throwing the cast net.

We will use artificial and topwater baits if skilled anglers seek a more active experience. We will target what I feel may be our best bet unless there is something specific that the charter wants to try to catch. If you want to know what fish are biting in Myrtle Beach right now, check out our latest fishing report.

What to Bring on a Half-Day Fishing Trip?

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (non-aerosol)
  • Comfortable life jacket for children under the age of 10
  • Beverages
  • Small cooler for your catch

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How Do You Book A Half-Day Fishing Trip in Myrtle Beach?

  1. Call the captain to see if they are a good fit
  2. Book directly with a local fishing guide
  3. Review past customer experiences on Google or TripAdvisor
  4. Avoid third-party websites that compete against, and charge the captain for booking your trip
  5. We offer online booking as a convenience

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The Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Experience

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a renowned tourist destination and an ideal spot for anglers eager to head out on an inshore or deep-sea fishing charter. It’s also a prime location for fishing enthusiasts looking to experience the thrill of a tarpon or shark fishing charter.

With its vibrant coastal landscape and rich marine ecosystems, Myrtle Beach offers unparalleled opportunities for catching fish. For experienced anglers, Myrtle Beach offers a range of fishing trips, from short half-day excursions to full-day adventures.

Tarpon fishing is an exciting option here – it’s sure to get your reel screaming and heart pumping.

georgetown tarpon

Fishing spots don’t come much better than this. The beautiful coastal waters around the Myrtle Beach area teem with diverse marine life, making every cast potentially rewarding.

Apart from natural abundance, these waters have been enhanced by man-made habitats like artificial reefs, attracting various species and thereby increasing chances of success. Check out South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources website if you’re interested in learning about how such structures benefit local ecosystems.

Winyah Bay

If variety fits the bill for you, consider heading towards Winyah Bay next time you plan an inshore fishing charter trip near the Myrtle Beach region. It’s just a short boat ride away but offers far greater diversity due to being the third-largest watershed along the East Coast.

This unique ecosystem boasts multiple estuaries, thus lessening competition amongst boats and allowing for immersive angling experiences, unlike any other destination along the Eastern Seaboard.

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Planning A Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

Dive into the top fishing spots, choose your ideal charter, and prepare for an awesome experience.

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Choosing Your Ideal Fishing Charter

Picking the perfect Myrtle Beach fishing charter is the most important step. Considering your requirements and desires, there are various elements to consider when deciding on the ideal Myrtle Beach fishing charter.

Making Family-Friendly Choices

If you plan on bringing along younger anglers or beginners, opting for family-friendly charters is key. These trips entertain all ages during your Myrtle Beach vacation and include educational components about marine life, turning fun into a learning experience.

Safety is paramount when kids are involved. Crew members on these charters have ample experience fishing and boating with children, ensuring their safety while onboard. This allows parents to relax, knowing their little ones aren’t just having fun but also gaining valuable insights about nature and responsible angling practices.

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The Importance of Conservation

Inshore fishing guides emphasize conservation efforts without compromising the opportunity of catching fish in South Carolina’s coastal waters. They strive to create memorable experiences that don’t harm Myrtle Beach’s rich marine ecosystems found within its beautiful coastal waters.

Fishing isn’t merely about landing catches; it also encompasses awareness of sustainable practices. Guides educate anglers regarding catch-and-release techniques, emphasizing each species’ vital role within habitats and why overfishing certain areas must be avoided.

With this in mind, you can definitely take home a cooler full of fish as allowed within area fishing regulations.

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Variety Is Key When Choosing A Charter

Your ideal Myrtle Beach fishing charter should offer versatility – from full-day excursions targeting specific species like tarpon to half-day nearshore adventures venturing further offshore where larger game fish roam or even custom trips tailored to individual group requirements in Winyah Bay’s back-country waters.

What to Expect on Your Fishing Trip

A fishing trip with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters is unparalleled, whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the world of inshore and nearshore fishing. Each charter presents unique opportunities that will sharpen your skills and deepen your love for South Carolina’s vibrant coastal landscape.

Your Myrtle Beach vacation isn’t complete without experiencing what our beautiful coastal waters have to offer – from marine ecosystems teeming with life to potential reel-screaming moments when catching fish like tarpon, among others.

a picture of Myrtle Beach Full or Half Day Fishing Trips with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Half-Day Fishing Trips

A half-day fishing charter typically spans four hours – the perfect duration allowing both seasoned anglers and beginners ample time out at sea enjoying their outing without feeling rushed. This timeframe also makes these trips ideal for families who want a fun-filled yet manageable adventure during their stay in the Myrtle Beach area.

It is important to come ready for the excursion with items like sunscreen, caps, and shades which are necessary for shielding from the sun’s rays. Wearing comfortable clothing suitable for varying weather conditions ensures maximum comfort throughout the day.

Your Captain provides some useful tips about the best times depending on tide patterns, influencing where fishes might be schooling at different times of the day, helping you plan better around it.

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Inshore vs Near-Shore Excursions

If you choose one of our popular inshore charters, expect thrilling encounters within areas close to land, including bays, estuaries, rivers, and lagoons, all teeming with marine life. These spots make them prime locations for successful catches, especially sought-after species like tarpon, a favorite among many visiting fishermen here in the Myrtle Beach area.

Moving further offshore into deeper oceanic environments opens up a whole new world of possibilities, presenting a chance to encounter larger species not found closer to the shore. This offers a completely different kind of excitement than those offered during shallow water excursions, adding variety to the overall angling experiences available here at Harvest Moon Fishing Charters.


Hotspots For Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

Dive into top fishing spots, choose your ideal charter, and plan your adventure.

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Winyah Bay

Winyah Bay offers a unique blend of fishing excitement with scenic views that are second to none. The expansive estuary teems with wildlife, providing memorable moments on land and at sea.

You might be captivated by bald eagles soaring overhead or dolphins playing in the wake behind your boat while waiting for that reel scream moment when a tarpon bites.

Pawleys Island

A visit to Pawleys Island enhances any Myrtle Beach fishing charter experience. This island has long been known as one of America’s oldest summer resorts, where Southern charm comes alive amidst historic homes nestled under moss-draped live oaks.

When you’re done exploring its waterways filled with marine life, why not take some time off catching fish? Discover local art galleries showcasing regional talent or enjoy fresh seafood at quaint waterfront restaurants overlooking serene waters – the perfect way to end the day after a fishing trip.

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Your journey around Myrtle Beach would be incomplete without stepping foot into Historic Georgetown, the third oldest city in South Carolina. Here, beautifully preserved antebellum architecture lines the streets, echoing tales of past times, whilst lush gardens provide quiet retreats for reflection away from the bustling town center.

In between exciting nearshore fishing trips provided by experienced guides like those at Harvest Moon Fishing Charters, make sure to explore cultural landmarks such as the South Carolina Maritime Museum located along the Harborwalk marina, lined with shops and eateries, adding richness and depth to each outing, making them truly unforgettable experiences beyond simple leisurely angling.

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Safety Measures Onboard

When it comes to chartering a boat for fishing, safety is paramount whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just seeking leisurely fun in South Carolina’s coastal waters.

The crew members at your chosen charter are well-trained and knowledgeable about marine safety procedures. They ensure that each trip out into the beautiful coastal waters around Myrtle Beach and Winyah Bay is as safe as possible while providing an unforgettable experience.

Kid-Friendly Equipment

Even the littlest anglers can join in on the fun of fishing with child-friendly equipment. This attention to detail ensures everyone onboard has a safe yet thrilling time catching fish under South Carolina’s sun-soaked skies – even our youngest anglers. For kids under 10, it is recommended to bring your own life jacket that may have a better fit for them than those onboard your charter boat.

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In addition to personal protective gear, navigational safety measures play a critical role during any fishing expedition. Modern technology like GPS systems allows captains to navigate through nearshore waters efficiently while keeping an eye out for potential hazards from sudden weather changes or other boats nearby.

Captains’ extensive knowledge of local waterways further enhances your security, whether heading towards prime tarpon fishing spots or exploring diverse marine ecosystems rich with life beneath their surfaces.

a picture of Myrtle Beach Full or Half Day Fishing Trips with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Safe Angling Practices

Maintaining safe conduct while angling also plays a significant part – after all, we want to get there safely and have fun responsibly once you’ve cast off. From handling hooks correctly to avoiding accidental injuries when reeling in scream-worthy catches, guides ensure everyone stays secure without compromising the enjoyment aspect of this exhilarating pastime activity.

The bottom line? Whether a novice or an experienced pro, be assured that aboard top-tier charter services, we’ve got your back (and front) covered – amidst the thrill of landing a catch in these stunning East Coast locations.

Securing Your Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

The journey to your dream fishing trip in the picturesque coastal waters of Myrtle Beach begins with booking a charter. Making the reservation process for your Myrtle Beach fishing charter simple and stress-free requires knowing how to proceed.

Direct communication is crucial when making reservations for your Myrtle Beach fishing charter. It’s often more advantageous to interact directly with local guides or captains instead of using third-party platforms, which may impose additional fees that could inflate the cost of your adventure.

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Prioritize Direct Communication

Bypassing intermediaries ensure clear lines between you and those providing the service, minimizing chances for miscommunication about package details or special requests.

This direct approach also provides flexibility should weather conditions require changes – a common occurrence in marine activities like charters. Speaking directly with seasoned experts who understand local sea conditions guarantees safety and optimal enjoyment during your Myrtle Beach angling expedition.

Avoid Hidden Costs from Third-Party Platforms

Fees charged by third-party websites are typically higher than those incurred if booked directly through local operators such as Harvest Moon Fishing Charters. These sites might offer convenience by showcasing multiple options under one roof; however, they often lack transparency regarding the costs involved.

Sneaky charges could range from processing fees to cancellation penalties which aren’t immediately apparent while reserving online via these portals. The excitement of catching fish on an exciting half-day or full-day fishing trip shouldn’t come with hidden extra costs.

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Selecting A Suitable Package For You

  1. Determine exactly what each package offers before deciding on one suitable for yourself or your group members.
  2. If targeting species like tarpon appeals to you, or redfish, or sharks – then opt accordingly.
  3. Ensure expectations align perfectly once onboard.

Whether you’re visiting South Carolina’s waters as part of a leisurely vacation activity or looking to knock a species off your bucket list – understanding this aspect ensures no surprises down the line.

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Book Today

We’ve navigated through choosing your ideal charter, considering factors like pricing, conservation efforts, family-friendliness, and versatility.

You now know what to expect from half-day trips or full-day excursions into South Carolina’s coastal waters.

The importance of booking directly with local guides for better value has been highlighted.

You understand how safety measures onboard ensure everyone enjoys their time at sea without worries.

Now that you’re equipped with all this knowledge about Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters, isn’t it time to embark on your own angling adventure?

Harvest Moon Fishing Charters offers unforgettable experiences in these vibrant coastal landscapes rich in marine ecosystems. Whether you’re a beginner trying nearshore waters or a seasoned pro venturing further offshore – we have something for every angler!