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Georgetown, South Carolina, is the perfect destination for any angler looking to experience inshore fishing. The coastal location of Winyah Bay and surrounding estuaries offer an unbeatable variety of fish species for those seeking their next great catch. For both beginners and experienced fishers, Georgetown provides an unparalleled fishing opportunity.

From redfish to speckled trout, King Mackerel to cobia– whatever your preference – Georgetown promises to have the perfect catch in store! Whether it be a leisure day spent by the shore with friends or family or a dedicated angling expedition alone – there’s no better place than Georgetown, South Carolina.

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Fantastic Fishing in Georgetown

Winyah Bay is the perfect destination for anglers looking to enjoy an unmatched fishing experience. Located in Georgetown on the East coast, Winyah Bay has a vast estuarine watershed surrounded by North Inlet, Santee Delta, and McClellanville, providing discerning fishermen plenty of space for privacy and relaxation. The abundance of inshore game fish will excite you to cast your line from sunrise to sunset; just be sure you have enough bait to last! With Winyah Bay’s clear waters, it’s easy to spot your prize catches – so grab your rod and reel and let the adventure begin!

Inshore Fishing

If you’re an angler looking for a diverse and peaceful inshore fishing experience, look no further than Winyah Bay in Georgetown, South Carolina. As the third largest estuarine watershed on the East coast, Winyah Bay provides stunning coastal views with expansive and uncrowded waters that offer a tranquil atmosphere.

Enjoy a bountiful of fishing opportunities that may include redfish, trout, flounder, or sheepshead. In this idyllic setting, everyone vies to catch the day’s freshest catch. So if you’re looking for the perfect fishing spot that can promise lots of ‘fetching’ memories, Winyah Bay, located near Georgetown, is sure to provide a great day out on the water and your fill of rod-bending action!

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Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore fishing off the coast of South Carolina, out of Georgetown, is a great experience for anglers. The nearshore reefs and artificial reefs provide a great chance to catch many fish species, including cobia, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, shark, and summer trout.

This makes it an exciting and convenient alternative to deep-sea fishing trips that require an extended boat ride journey. With so much to explore close to the shoreline, nearshore fishing provides the chance to find good fishing spots and a plentiful catch with every cast. Experienced anglers and newcomers alike are sure to find nearshore fishing in South Carolina rewarding!

Fish with Us

If you’re looking for a unique fishing experience, Georgetown, South Carolina, is the perfect destination! There’s plenty of opportunity among the protected bays and estuaries for inshore anglers to cast your line. But if you’re ready for something with a little more excitement, venture out into the nearshore waters to test your luck!

No matter which kind of adventure you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time with Captain R.C., one of Georgetown’s most knowledgeable and experienced local guides. You won’t regret joining us for a day on the water – book your trip today and let’s go fishing!