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If you’re looking to take advantage of some excellent inshore fishing, you must try targeting striped bass on your next Georgetown fishing trip. December is the prime time to target these elusive fish, and with that being right around the corner, let’s talk about these fish!

South Carolina Striped Bass

The striped bass is a fish native to South Carolina and commonly found in Georgetown fisheries during winter. When winter arrives, striped bass migrates to the lower parts of rivers in search of brackish water. The lower parts of the river tend to be warmer than other areas, making them a desirable habitat for striped bass. Although Georgetown is not widely known for its striped bass population, there are still plenty of these fish for anglers to encounter.

The best opportunities to find a striper in the lower Waccamaw River is around creek mouths, deep-water structures, and other ambush locations. Striped bass are often drawn to these areas because they provide hiding places from predators and offer easy access to baitfish. Additionally, these locations tend to have high eddy currents, attracting stripers. Anglers can also expect striped bass to be aggressive when they are feeding. During this time, stripers will strike almost any type of lure or bait that enters their area. For this reason, it is important for anglers to be prepared with various lures and baits when fishing for striped bass.

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Striped bass are anadromous fish, meaning they live in freshwater and saltwater. They live in rivers to spawn in the spring but return to brackish or salty waters otherwise. December is the prime time to catch stripers in Georgetown, as they become available when the bait gets forced into the waterway, and the water temperatures drop into the 60s. Many anglers consider the 5-mile section of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from North Myrtle Beach to the North Carolina border the best spot along South Carolina’s coast. When fishing for stripers in this area, it is essential to use live bait such as herring, mullet, or menhaden. Once you have hooked a striper, be prepared for a fight, as these fish are known for their solid runs and dogged determination. You can enjoy a bountiful catch of these tasty fish with patience and skill.

Any experienced fisherman knows that targeting a specific type of fish isn’t always the best strategy- sometimes, it pays to cast a wider net, so to speak. In Georgetown, this is especially true regarding Stripers and Speckled Trout. These two types of fish are often found in the same place for a straightforward reason: bait. Places like along docks, at the mouth of a creek, or just the edge of the ledge can be prime real estate for Stripers looking to ambush their next meal. And savvy anglers know that these same spots can also hold good numbers of both species. The best time of year to target striped bass will be from November to March.

Get Out There and Catch For Yourself

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