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Are you looking for an exciting escape to the water on your next fishing trip? Look no further than Winyah Bay! Located in Georgetown County, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach and Charleston, this estuary is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and various inshore fish species.

Epic Spring Fishing

Winyah Bay is an incredible fishery located in the southeastern United States. Formed at the convergence of four major rivers, the Waccamaw, Pee Dee, Sampit, and Black Rivers all pour their fresh water into the salty depths of the bay and eventually out to sea. These two habitats set up a diverse ecosystem ideal for many saltwater species.

When spring arrives and water temperatures start to climb, it’s time to get excited. Soon after, baitfish move into the shallower waters, and targeted species like redfish, sea trout, and flounder follow close behind. There’s nothing quite like seeing a school of fish tailing on the flats of Winyah Bay during the springtime!

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Target Species

Redfish, or red drum, is an excellent target for anglers during the spring months. You’ll find them in various habitats while they’re out prowling in search of large quantities of baitfish. They become particularly active in shallow water, and the flats and inlets can all be productive areas to find these fish. As a fisherman, knowing where to be to target these flats monsters is half the battle!

As a fisherman, you should always be on the prowl for sea trout in the spring. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing one darting around shallow waters, jumping and crashing in an exciting display. With spring comes warming waters, which cause sea trout to abandon their deep winter haunts and foray into habitats like grass flats, creek mouths, and oyster bars. These areas typically offer plenty of food and shelter for the hard-fighting fish, which makes them one of the best catches this time of year.

a picture of Spring 2023 Fishing Outlook In Winyah Bay with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Winyah Bay provides an angler’s paradise during the springtime. As numerous species transition from offshore and nearshore habitats to shallow waters, it’s an ideal time to target flounder. With various elevations and depths present along Winyah’s diverse coastline, anglers can take advantage of flats, beaches, and inlets for their fishing excursion. if you’re looking for something more than a fluke, there are many additional fish species to catch, including striped bass, black drum, and tarpon – a real bounty for any professional fisherman or recreational enthusiast!

Let’s Go Fishing!

If you’re looking for the perfect fishing destination this spring, look no further than Winyah Bay. Not only will you be treated to stunning natural beauty, but the fishing opportunities are seemingly endless. Whether you’re a serious angler out for the big catch, a novice just getting acquainted with the sport of fishing, or a family in need of an idyllic day on the water, Harvest Moon Fishing Charters has what you’re searching for. With us as your guide, we can show you all that Winyah Bay offers and provide insight into some of the best spots for tarpon, trout, and redfish. Don’t wait any longer and book your trip today – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!