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Perched on the shores of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach basks in its reputation as a premier destination for fishing. With its enchanting sandy beaches, a pleasant climate throughout the year, and waters teeming with a diverse array of marine life, Myrtle Beach promises an angling experience second to none.

Its unique coastal geography harbors a myriad of fish species, with different locations offering different angling challenges. From the tranquillity of inshore waters to the vast expanse of nearshore fishing grounds, every trip to the water becomes a unique adventure.

The Thrill of Inshore Fishing

One of the area’s standout features is its dynamic inshore waters. A paradise for anglers, these areas are home to an assortment of fish species including redfish, trout, and flounder. The shifting tides introduce an ever-changing landscape that continually tests an angler’s skills. This year has been particularly favorable, with abundant catches attesting to the health of these waters.

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Alongside the usual inshore favorites, Myrtle Beach hosts a formidable opponent for the adrenaline-seeking angler — the tarpon. Known as the “silver king,” tarpon provide an unmatched battle, frequently vaulting out of the water once hooked. This year, South Carolina’s best-kept secret, tarpon fishing, has been garnering significant attention, with more and more anglers eager to take on the challenge these majestic creatures present.

Exploring the Nearshore Frontier

Venturing just a few miles offshore reveals a different fishing environment — the nearshore waters. Renowned for the variety of fish it hosts, Georgetown and Pawleys Island nearshore waters are rich with species such as kingfish, Spanish mackerel, and snapper. Nearshore fishing offers a distinct set of challenges, requiring different techniques and gear than inshore fishing, allowing anglers to diversify their skills and experiences.

A Unique Fishing Journey with Harvest Moon Charters

Harvest Moon Charters promises an unparalleled charter fishing experience. Guided by the seasoned Captain R.C. Ferdon, you can explore the abundant fishing grounds of Myrtle Beach. His extensive knowledge and innovative approach to fishing guarantee a rewarding expedition, where every trip is an opportunity to learn and improve as an angler.

Captain Ferdon’s story intertwines with the history of Georgetown’s fishing community. From learning the ropes as a child with his “Granny” Eunice Price to becoming a pioneer in the fishing industry, his journey resonates with every angler he guides.

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So, if you’re contemplating a fishing trip in Myrtle Beach, Georgetown is the place to be, and Captain R.C. Ferdon is the guide to choose. Regardless of your fishing expertise, Harvest Moon Charters offers an unforgettable journey. Experience why Georgetown’s Winyah Bay is hailed as the best-kept secret for inshore fishing in South Carolina.

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