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Inshore Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach

While there is a plethora of deep sea fishing charters along the Grand Strand, some folks prefer calmer waters. Fishing offshore can be great fun, but it can also be a little rough. An inshore fishing charter can be a lot of fun, without dealing with any rough seas. At Harvest Moon Fishing Charters, we offer year-round inshore fishing charters to Myrtle Beach visitors.


Why Book an Inshore Fishing Charter?

  • Calmer waters
  • More time to fish
  • More interactive experience
  • Takes less time
  • Remote waters are close by



calm water near myrtle beach


Calmer Waters

This may be the top reason that most people choose an inshore fishing charter over deep sea fishing. If anyone in your group is prone to sea sickness, this makes it a no brainer. Sometimes there can be a little chop on the water, but we mainly stay in creeks and bays, away from the swell of the ocean. Fishing in calm waters feels much more relaxing than rocking around in the seas all day.



a fisherman with a flounder



More Time to Fish

Deep sea fishing often means a two to four hour ride before getting to the fishing grounds. When fishing Winyah Bay, out of Myrtle Beach, we have access to a multitude of fisheries…all within one hour or less from the marina. That means more time for fishing, and less time running.

Harvest Moon Fishing Charters does offer nearshore fishing trips out of Myrtle Beach, however we mainly target live bottom closer to shore than the gulf stream. Our coast has a dozen artificial reefs within 15 miles of the beach.



fishermen with sheepshead and redfish



More Interactive Experience

Inshore fishing charters give you the chance to actively fish for your catch. Of course your guide is there to lend a hand, but you will be casting your bait to the strike zone. This means you are actually the one doing the fishing, rather than waiting on a trolling bite or dropping bait straight to the bottom.

I take pride in being versatile in the experience I provide. If you are a beginner, we can do our best to keep things simple. For experts and intermediate fishermen, we can explore more challenging options like topwater fishing. No matter your skill level, I will customize your day to give you the best adventure possible.



man with trout caught on topwater bait



Takes Less Time

Myrtle Beach inshore fishing charters do not require a long ride to reach the fishing spots. Our most popular trip duration is 5 hours, and that gives us enough time to give you a good fishing experience. This leaves half of your day free to make other plans or explore places like Georgetown, SC.

We have already mentioned that it is a short run to where we will be fishing, but this is worth considering for family fishing trips. When it comes to my son, I say, “He is always happy until he isn’t.” When it comes to your own children, you know their limits better than I do.

I’ve had younger kids happy all day long, older kids who are over it in a flash, and vice versa. Sometimes you just do not know until we get out there, but at least an inshore fishing charter keeps us much closer to home than other options. This can be clutch when the little ones decide they have had enough.



a fisherman with a seatrout



Remote Waters are Close By

The best place to fish from Myrtle Beach is Winyah Bay. There are other inlets near Myrtle Beach; but they are pretty busy with boating traffic, and they are lined with houses and developments. Winyah Bay offers a more peaceful setting, and it’s just the best option for your inshore fishing trip.

Winyah Bay is the third largest watershed on the East coast, with 5 rivers that flow through it. It is also one of the least developed bodies of water on the East coast, with thousands of acres under conservation easements. With Hobcaw, Yawkey Preserve and all of the state owned marshland, we have nearly 10 miles of undeveloped oceanfront property.

This is what you want for your inshore fishing charter while staying in Myrtle Beach. Winyah Bay gives you the chance to explore a multitude of diverse fisheries and estuaries. We fish here to get away from the crowds, and have more options at our convenience.



Booking a Myrtle Beach Inshore Fishing Charter

Contact Harvest Moon Fishing Charters for your Myrtle Beach Inshore Fishing Charter! I grew up fishing here, and I will be your captain. Call us today, or check out our convenient online booking.