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Myrtle Beach Fishing Report for December


As 2023 comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude for everyone that has fished with me and read my fishing reports. Winter has arrived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the temperatures are in the 30’s as I am writing this report. The colder weather may keep some people off the water, but this time of year can be full of action in Myrtle Beach, SC.


man holding red drum fish in myrtle beach, south carolina

Colder months in Myrtle Beach, SC can produce the hottest Redfish bites!


Best Fish to Target in Myrtle Beach During December

  • Redfish
  • Trout
  • Black Drum
  • Striped Bass


young man holding redfish in north myrtle beach, south carolinaWe had fun with the Redfish after catching some Trout for dinner!


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Myrtle Beach Red Drum

The Redfish are settling in to their winter pattern along the Grand Strand. Water temperatures are in the low 50’s, and schooling Reds are offering up some fun days of fishing in Myrtle Beach!

Shallow creeks in Little River and Murrell’s Inlet are welcoming their Winter residents with a safe habitat and crystal clear waters. Whenever you think you are about to land on one of these spots, take care not to disrupt the fish; they can really be on edge this time of year. The best approach is to fish your way in, and try not to make any noise.

D.O.A. Lures are both an affordable and effective option when targeting Winter Redfish in Myrtle Beach. Normally, these fish will cooperate whenever a bait is presented to them; but sometimes a little dab of shrimp on the hook will encourage a bite.


man reeling in a fish in myrtle beach

Gotta love doubling up on Redfish!


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Fishing Myrtle Beach Winter Trout

Spotted Sea Trout have several names, but we refer to them as Winter Trout this time of year. Water temperatures are already in the low 50’s, and the water around Myrtle Beach is gin clear. I feel best about Trout fishing when the water is more of a hazy green…I like to call that “trout green”.

You can catch Trout this time of year on artificial bait, live bait, and trolling. Sometimes trolling is the best bet to help locate Trout during the Winter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After locating fish, increase your action by setting up on the spot, and casting artificial baits. Being able to do this is ideal; however, some days they only seem to want to bite a trolling bait. Listen to what the fish want!

When we see water temperatures dip below the 50’s, the trout seek out warmer spots with minimal currents. The can be tough to locate. You will catch some larger Trout while fishing for Redfish, but keep in mind that these larger Trout are usually loners.


fisherman with a seatrout

For some reason, Speckled Trout seem to taste better in the Winter!

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Black Drum Fishing in Myrtle Beach, SC

Whenever I have guests that want to carry some fish home with them, we generally target Black Drum during the Winters in Myrtle Beach. Black Drum are normally a consistent target this time of year, and they put up a solid fight!

Black Drum like to feed on the bottom and around structure. This makes the Little River jetties one of my favorite spots for catching this hard-fighting, good eating species. You can fish these jetties, which are just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC, by using cut shrimp on the bottom. I normally accomplish this using a Carolina rig, which does not get stuck in the rocks too bad. If you are losing too many rigs, you can also use a cork to float live bait near the rocks.



man holding red drum fish

We hammered the Redfish on this Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter!



Striped Bass Fishing near Myrtle Beach

Fishing for Striped Bass in Myrtle Beach has become a passion for me. I would consider this species to be one of the most elusive fish out there, perhaps more so than tarpon! Stripers do extremely well in colder weather, making them the ideal Winter target.

Locating Striped Bass around Myrtle Beach and Little River takes a little work, but they can generally be found around docks and bridge pilings. I normally fish for Stripers in the Intracoastal Waterway around North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Once you locate these fish, they will normally eat live or artificial baits. I like casting white or chartreuse paddle tails and jerk shads. I will always have someone throwing live bait under a cork, too. It is good to make sure you are covering all your bases because the fish’s appetite could turn on you.



woman and man holding large striped bass in north myrtle beach, south carolina

Stripers provide fun fishing in the Winter with a change of pace!


Booking a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

Contact Harvest Moon Fishing Charters-Myrtle Beach, and check out our reviews when looking for a North Myrtle Beach fishing charter! The Winter months are my favorite time to fish the waters from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown. Call today, or check out our convenient online booking system.