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Myrtle Beach Fishing Report for November and Outlook for December


This is the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina fishing report for November. As we bid farewell to Daylight Savings time, we begin to see earlier sunrises with cool mornings that lead to pleasant fishing days. Fall is the best time of year for fishing in Myrtle Beach, SC so, scroll on down for our latest fishing report!


man holding huge red drum in myrtle beach, south carolina

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What Fish are the Best Late Fall Bets in Myrtle Beach?

  • Redfish
  • Trout
  • Flounder
  • Sheepshead
  • Black Drum


man with girlfriend holding a redfish

Red Drum are moving in to their active late season pattern.


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Myrtle Beach Red Drum

The Fall season transition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a good one. We are already seeing water temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fishing has been heating up. Bull Reds are running, and redfish along the Grand Strand will instinctively begin to group up into schools as Winter approaches…with a heavy appetite.

We have been hitting the jetties in Little River and Murrell’s Inlet for the big Bull Red Drum over the past month. Cut mullet has been the bait of choice at the jetties, and we have had days of catching over 20 fish on a half day trip. We have also been catching Bull Reds on artificial lures in the Myrtle Beach, SC surf.

As the water temperatures continue to cool, the Bull Red run will come to an end; and we will begin primarily targeting the fish in the creeks. We have already been seeing Redfish grouped up in the creeks while fishing in Myrtle Beach.

D.O.A. Lures with a little scent will be our main tactic when targeting Red Drum in the creeks around Little River and Murrell’s Inlet.



woman holding sea trout near myrtle beach, sc

Sea Trout provide action and outstanding table fare.

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Spotted Sea Trout in Myrtle Beach

The Speckled Trout bite has been strong for us since late August. Some of our fishing charters near Myrtle Beach have seen phenomenal days of catching trout. Even on slow days, we are normally able to catch around 10 fish.

Getting on a hot Trout bite can be one of the most fun Myrtle Beach fishing charters during the Fall season. It is a perfect time for a kid-friendly fishing charter, and they will be talking about it the whole ride home. If you want to get your kid hooked on fishing, book a North Myrtle Beach inshore fishing trip during the Fall season.

Our bait of choice has been live shrimp, but we will be switching to artificial baits as the shrimp become more scarce. When there are shrimp flooding the creeks in Myrtle Beach, the Speckled Trout are keyed in on them; and it makes a huge difference to have live shrimp in your livewell. The shrimp are moving out, which opens the door to the excitement of catching these Trout on artificial lures!



man holding sea trout near myrtle beach, south carolina

Speckled trout are a Fall favorite in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


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Myrtle Beach Flounder

lady holding flounder in north myrtle beach

November can make Flounder and added bonus in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


Like I mentioned in my previous report, Flounder can be targeted in September through November in Myrtle Beach and Murrell’s Inlet. We do not typically target flounder in November because the Redfish and Speckled Trout are biting so well; however flounder can be an occasional bycatch while targeting these species.

Fall season Flounder can be caught on live and artificial baits in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They can still be targeted in the creeks and nearshore reefs.


boy holding huge flounder


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Sheepshead Fishing in Myrtle Beach

myrtle beach fisherman holding a sheepshead

Sheepshead make for a productive Fall fishing target in Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters targeting Sheepshead are fun and productive! These tasty, hard-fighting fish are one of the best eating species in the ocean. Most people liken their flavor to the taste of Lobster!

We are catching Sheepshead on the jetties in Myrtle Beach, Murrell’s Inlet and Georgetown. Fiddler crabs, Barnacles, and Shrimp are the best baits (in that order). It is best to target Sheepshead when the weather and seas are calm in Myrtle Beach, because calmer waters make it easier to feel them taking your bait.

As Winter cold approaches Myrtle Beach, SC, the Sheepshead will eventually move offshore until the Spring.


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Black Drum


boy holding black drum near myrtle beach


Winter fishing charters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina always means an action packed Black Drum bite! We target this species on the jetties and deep holes near oyster beds. This time of year can be especially productive with days of catching over 20 fish!

Our bait of choice for catching Black Drum is frozen Shrimp. We keep it pretty simple by fishing for them under corks, or with a Carolina rig on the bottom. This is another crowd-pleaser on kid-friendly Myrtle Beach fishing charters.


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Booking a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

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