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Harvest Moon Fishing Charters offers 1/2, 3/4, and full day shark fishing trips. A shark fishing trip will be the highlight of your Myrtle Beach vacation! As we approach May, on the South Carolina coast, baitfish will begin to make its presence, and the sharks are soon to follow. A shark fishing charter can be the highlight of your Myrtle Beach vacation.



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Best Spot for Shark Fishing out of Myrtle Beach

Despite what you may hear on the news, we have a healthy shark population in South Carolina. As a matter of fact, many folks here believe they are overpopulated. While there are several places to catch sharks near Myrtle Beach, we prefer to launch out of Winyah Bay.

Winyah Bay, located in Georgetown, is just a 30 minute drive south of Myrtle Beach. It is the third largest estuarine watershed on the east coast, and hosts nearly 100,000 acres of undeveloped property. Winyah Bay is one of the most beautiful, uncrowded bodies of water in South Carolina.

Winyah Bay’s vast waterways also offer better options than other bodies of water near Myrtle Beach. It provides access to North Inlet, Muddy Bay, Santee Delta, McClellanville, and the ocean.

Not comfortable going in the ocean? No worries; there are places in Winyah Bay to catch all sizes of sharks without going in the ocean.


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Targeting Sharks South of Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is home to various types of sharks. Many shark species are protected, and it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes; so we practice catch and release. There are plenty of ways to target sharks out of Myrtle Beach and Winyah Bay.



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Sharks rank as some of the most efficient predators on planet earth. They have such strong sensory instincts; it is believed they can sense their prey from nearly a quarter mile away. Their instincts, speed and strength make them one of the top predators to target while fishing.

Their instincts and efficiency at seeking out their prey ends up benefitting the fisherman who target sharks. Those same traits that make them an apex predator also make them the fisherman’s prey. Many times these fish will be capable of easily finding your bait, and the hook to which it is tethered.

You can use live bait or cut bait when targeting sharks. Whether it is the scent of blood from cut bait or the nervous vibrations put out by a live bait, the shark will seek it out. We have great success targeting sharks with our guests from Myrtle Beach.


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Tarpon are potentially a happy surprise when shark fishing.


Booking a Myrtle Beach Shark Fishing Trip

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Contact Harvest Moon Fishing Charters for your Myrtle Beach shark fishing experience today! We can customize the day to fit your group’s needs, and the kids will be talking about it the whole ride home. Call us today, or check out our convenient online booking.