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What Makes the Best Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter for You?

It is that time of year when Myrtle Beach visitors are focused on the beach, restaurants and golf. Myrtle beach offers all of these along with various attractions; and many visitors will also look for opportunities to charter a boat for a fishing adventure. Fishing charters provide the icing on the cake for your Myrtle Beach vacation.

Your time on vacation is precious; and while you want to be selective when choosing the best attraction to suit your needs, the same care should be used when hiring a fishing charter. Here we will provide some important factors you will want to consider when looking for the best inshore fishing charter.



Pricing can be a major factor when making a decision for your vacation activities. Most experienced local guides offer flexibility with their rates and trip durations. You can book a half day fishing trip with most of the reputable guides in the area, but 4 hours is generally the minimum. This is because local guides know that is what it takes to have a decent chance of catching fish. If you want the best bang for your buck, book directly through a local fishing guide…not a third party website.

While I would not recommend going cheap for a fishing trip, some of the Myrtle Beach Inshore Fishing Charters are cheaper than others. If price is your main concern, then these will be your go-to.

Most of the cheaper options can be found on third party websites like Fishing Booker. Some of them offer trips with short duration to keep the cost low. Many of these are operated by folks who moved here from somewhere else and have not been in business very long. They try to maintain low prices on booking sites as they learn and hope to grow their business. The issue with third party booking sites is that they also compete with fishing guides while taking a percentage of the already low rates. These sites also sign up anyone with credentials, so many of the captains are new to being a guide.

Sometimes you just want to get your family on the water for a different experience. Less expensive options provide a way to get out there on a budget.


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Fill the Coolers

If you are looking to take home a cooler full of fish, you will probable be best suited to book an offshore charter or party boat. Private offshore charters, out of Myrtle Beach and Murrell’s Inlet, can provide exciting action trolling or bottom fishing. If private trips are out of your budget, party or “head” boats are another option for taking home plenty of fish.

While most inshore fishing guides are okay with keeping enough fish for a dinner or two, we also try to keep conservation in mind. After all, it is this resource that allows us to make a living. With that said, there are plenty of tasty inshore species; but we want to make sure you will have some to catch on your next trip.



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Family Friendly 

Sometimes not everyone on vacation will want to go fishing, but if you are planning to take the whole family, be sure to find a family friendly fishing charter. It is important to find a guide who will be able to cater to the younger ones in the group. Everyone knows the little ones may have short attention spans, and they must stay entertained.

When seeking a fishing charter for the whole family, pictures can tell a thousand words. Check fishing guides websites for photos of children holding fish and to see what kind of boat they have. If all you see are photos of giant bull redfish or sharks, it might be better to find someone who can keep the kids involved.



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Well Rounded

The previously mentioned factors illustrate a few of the most specific factors in choosing a Myrtle Beach inshore fishing charter. If you are looking for an all-around good fishing experience, find a local guide who knows the area. This is who will be able to provide options and custom tailor your fishing trip.

A well rounded guide will be able to cater to any experience level. If you are looking for something technical, like topwater or tarpon fishing, this is your ticket. The well rounded guide will be able to plan a fishing trip for beginners and experts.

So how do you find a well-rounded fishing charter?

  • Make sure that the guide is a true local who has spent their life in the area
  • Check the ‘About’ section to get an idea of the guide’s personality and local knowledge
  • Look through photos to see if there is a diversity in species caught
  • Check the photos and content to see if the guide can adapt techniques to the situation


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Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

At Harvest Moon Fishing Charters we pride ourselves on being one of the most versatile fishing guides in the Myrtle Beach area. If you are looking to experience fishing like a true local, let us show you the way. Call us to book your custom trip today 843-485-7424

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