Last Updated on October 26, 2023 by Capt. R.C.

Pawleys Island June Fishing Report


The Summer Solstice has passed, and our busiest time of year has officially kicked off. The creeks from Murrell’s Inlet to Winyah Bay are flooded with baitfish, and we are beginning to see some shrimp in the marsh. Warm water temperatures and an abundance of bait are great for our fisheries, but it also presents challenges that must be overcome as a fishing guide.


man holding flounder in pawleys island

Pawleys Island Flounder


Pawleys Island Summer Fishing Targets

  • Redfish
  • Flounder
  • Speckled Trout
  • Tarpon


boy holding redfish in myrtle beach

Myrtle Beach Redfish


Catching Redfish in June

Catching Redfish in June can be challenging, and it is a time of year where you want an experienced guide on your side. Warmer water temperatures provide a stable atmosphere and an abundance of bait. The Redfish are comfortable, and they have a constant buffet at their doorsteps.

This is the time of year when you want to hire the best Pawleys Island fishing guide, who is willing to break away from their normal schedule. Leaving the dock a little earlier can be a good idea when the water temperatures exceed 80 degrees. Putting in extra work to catch the best bait may take time during the trip, but it is the sign of a quality fishing guide. Of course you are going to have to trust your guide’s advice, and be open to following it.

We use a lot of live bait and crabs this time of year, especially for larger groups and clients who are new to fishing. Fishing live bait under corks and on the bottom are both effective.

If you are a more experienced angler, in a smaller group, we can go for some more tactical strategies. We will leave the dock before daylight, and test your skills on topwater fishing. Seeing the water explode is the most exhilarating feeling you can have while fishing.


redfish blowing up topwater bait

Redfish attacking a topwater bait on the surface



Pawleys Island Flounder Bite Stays Consistent

Pawleys Island is best known for Flounder as the most consistent saltwater species to target. This year, we have seen some impressive action from the Spring to now.


excited kids holding flounder


The 2023 Flounder fishing in Pawleys Island has seen both quantity and quality. We are having days of catching more than 10 fish, and some of those have been over 5 pounds. We had a 12 year-old from North Carolina catch a 7.5 pounder back in May.

We have been catching Flounder with just about any method you can use. Whenever I have anglers of different skill levels on board, I am forced to use various methods to match up to my anglers. This has actually worked in our favor by helping us figure out which presentation the fish want on that particular day.


Speckled Trout near Pawleys Island

We are catching Speckled Trout near Pawleys Island in Georgetown. While the bite has been sporadic, we are catching some really nice trophy-size Trout! Please note that Harvest Moon Fishing Charters keeps conservation in mind, and we release all Trout over 20 inches.


kid holding gator trout

Large Speckled Trout caught near Pawleys Island


Conservation is important to our fisheries, and it is something I take seriously. Our future generations are counting on us to make sure they can also have the joy of fishing. A 20 inch Trout is a survivor, as only 8 out of 1,000 live long enough to reach this size. These larger Trout are rare, and they spawn an exponentially higher number of eggs (up to 20 million per season).

With that said, mild winters and water quality have produced excellent Trout fishing over the past few years. We are catching fish on live bait and various artificials. As long as we can avoid any weather events, the Trout fishing should remain strong through the Fall season.



Pawleys Island Tarpon Fishing

It is about time for the Pawleys Island Tarpon season to fire up. I have been seeing a tarpon here and there, but they are not showing up in large numbers yet. As we move closer to July, the Tarpon migration should be showing strong near Pawleys Island.


tarpon jumping during fight


We had already recorded our first Tarpon by this time in 2022, but some of that (like any Tarpon catch) can be attributed to luck. When you book a Tarpon trip, you must understand there is a good chance you may not catch one. YouTube is full of videos with instant Tarpon hookups, but no one shows the unfruitful hours or days that lead up to that hookup. As long as your captain is putting you on fish, you are in the game…it’s up to the fish from there. That’s just Tarpon fishing!

Anyway, yes we are seeing some fish; and it is just a matter of time before we find out who catches the first Pawleys Island Tarpon of the season. I have a Tarpon trip this week, so hopefully that will be us!


a fisherman with a tarpon



Booking a Pawleys Island Fishing Charter

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