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Inshore fishing near Pawleys Island in the winter months provides an excellent opportunity to catch beautiful and aggressive redfish.

During this time, redfish can be easier to catch because they are schooled up looking to take advantage of warmer shallow waters and big tide swings bringing baitfish and crustaceans into and out of the coastal marshes. Additionally, very low winter tides concentrate the redfish and bait in predictable ways, making it easier to locate fish than in the warmer months.

Winyah Bay

The nearby coastal marsh of Winyah Bay and North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve features numerous creeks, channels, and oyster bars which redfish will inhabit to target bait moving with the tide cycle.

Identifying pinch points where bait will pass nearby underwater structures for redfish to conserve energy and ambush bait are keys to success.

boat overlooking sunrise.

Captain R.C. uses his intimate knowledge of this coastal ecosystem to understand where the redfish can reliably be found and during what conditions the fish will move to different areas looking for an easy meal.


Techniques used to target redfish this time of year vary based on local weather and water conditions which change the behavior of the fish and their likelihood to strike. However, clients can expect opportunities to use both live bait and artificial lures.

Live bait is often rigged under popping corks which drift over structure or drop-offs in the marsh where the fish stalk their prey. Artificial lures include soft plastics in a variety of shapes and colors cast nearby these same structures to trick hungry fish.

Clients that are willing to dress warm and explore the marsh with Captain R.C. can expect to capitalize on these winter patterns and catch numerous redfish while on an inshore charter trip, filling the cooler with one of the hardest fighting and tastiest fish on the South Carolina coastline.

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