Last Updated on December 30, 2022 by Capt. R.C.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Myrtle Beach in December, and fishing can really top the list this time of year. Many folks will be coming to the area for weddings at some of the fantastic venues along the Grand Strand. You may be coming down to hit the greens on a golf trip with your friends, and escape the colder weather up north. One of the events that has gained popularity is Brookgreen Garden’s ‘Nights of a Thousand Candles,’ named one of the top Christmas light displays in the country. Regardless of the reason for your trip, getting in an inshore fishing charter is something you don’t want to miss!

Reasons to visit Myrtle Beach in December

  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Weddings
  • Nights of a Thousand Candles



Trout Schooling Up

woman with sea trout and fishing rod


Speckled Trout (aka Sea Trout) are already voracious feeders, but December is their final opportunity to prepare for winter. These fish are more closely related to ‘Drum’ (as you can hear the males make the drumming noise), but they get their name by the resemblance to other trout species. 2022 has been one of the best trout bites we have had in years.

We have been catching trout in strong numbers since September. I’m talking days catching fish in strong double digit numbers. For example, this week we had a couple days where we caught over 40 fish. The strong year we are having can be attributed to several years of mild winters and clean, salty water.

The preferred bait for speckled trout is live shrimp. If there are a lot of shrimp in the estuary, having live shrimp is usually a must have. Now that we are in December, we are catching trout on mud minnows, soft plastics and hard baits.


Fall Transition for Redfish

Double on Redfish


The Bull Reds have made their annual October/November run, and now our focus is on the fall transition. Mild weather leading up to this December still has these fish in a transitioning pattern. During this period, the redfish are easier targeted during the lower portion of the tide. They can also be somewhat temperamental around this time, but using the solunar tables can be advantageous for landing on fish ready to bite.

Just this week we had a couple half day trips where we caught around a dozen fish. The fish seemed to bite better during the solunar period, but we were able to find them in a couple spots by moving around. The reds were eating mud minnows and artificial baits with scent added to them. We will look to colder weather for local redfish to begin schooling up.

As temperatures cool and bait becomes scarce, redfish (locally called spottail bass) will gather in schools of sometimes over 100 fish. Actually, we have caught over 100 fish way back in the day. It can be some really epic fishing, and they are eager to bite anything you throw at them. This will be where we focus inshore fishing near Myrtle Beach for the winter.


Booking an Inshore Fishing Charter

If you’re looking for a fishing charter, give us a call to see what’s biting. I’ll be happy to tailor a fishing trip that meets your group’s needs. Whether you are a technical angler, looking for something specific, or a family looking for a safe enjoyable day on the water… I will do my best to give you a safe and fun day on the water. Call 843-485-7424 or book online today!