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Anglers targeting Winyah Bay redfish employ many different fishing styles and techniques that can be successful. One of the most popular methods is fishing with soft plastics. This type of fishing can be very effective, especially when redfish feed on smaller baitfish.

Fishing for Redfish

There are a number of different ways to fish with soft plastics, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Different situations call for different types of lure presentations.

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One common method is to rig the soft plastic on a jighead. This allows the angler to fish the lure near the bottom, where redfish often feed.

Another popular method is to rig the lure on a weighted hook, allowing the anglers to fish the lure in mid-water, where redfish often feed on baitfish suspended in the water column.

Finally, soft plastics can be rigged, weightless and fished on the surface. This is often an effective method when redfish are feeding on baitfish that are schooling near the surface.

Hogy Lures: Our Go-To Soft Plastic

Hogy Lures makes a number of different types of soft plastics that can be effectively used to target redfish. The Original, ProTail, and ProTail Paddle are all great choices. Each of these lures has a different action and can be fished in a variety of ways.

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All Hogy products are created to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing. They are constructed with high-quality materials made to last fish after fish.

Hogy Lures are made to imitate a variety of baitfish that redfish feed on. When choosing a lure, it is essential to match the size and color of the lure to the size and type of baitfish in the area. Hogy Lures are available in many different sizes and colors, so you can adapt and match the hatch.

We have had great success fishing Hogy Lures for redfish in Winyah Bay. The lures flat-out catch fish. When nothing seems to be working, we always turn to our trusty Hogy lures.

a picture of Fishing Soft Plastic For Redfish with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Final Word

Winyah Bay is a redfish paradise. Our fishery is healthy, and the redfish are plentiful. Although live bait certainly has its place in fishing, we have found that fishing with soft plastics can be highly effective. If you haven’t tried it, we recommend grabbing some Hogy Lures and giving it a go.

Tight lines, everyone, and go get ’em!