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Murrells Inlet has two amazing fisheries directly at its disposal, one coastal and one backcountry. Winyah Bay is a direct shot down the Waccamaw River or is just a short drive to more direct launch locations.

Fishing Winyah Bay

Winyah Bay is an estuary made of mostly brackish water and is the third-largest coastal watershed on the east coast. The bay itself is comprised of tidal marshes, oyster beds, beaches, coastal forests, and open shallow water.

While the most direct access to Winyah Bay exists in either Georgetown or through North Inlet, those in Murrels Inlet who wish to fish an amazing inshore fishery will find what they are looking for here.

Fishing here is year-round. There are seasonal species that come through the bay during different times of the year, but the bay is never void of activity. It is one of the premier inshore fishing destinations along the Grand Strand.

boat overlooking sunrise.

Inside of this coastal estuary system, anglers can expect to target redfish, flounder, seatrout, black drum, and sheepshead. During late summer and into early fall, this area also comes alive with migrating tarpon making it one of the top places to experience tarpon fishing inside of a unique and diverse ecosystem.

Making The Trip From Murrells Inlet

There are a few options for navigating into Winyah Bay from Murrells Inlet.

Winyah Bay is actually comprised of the drainage points for four major rivers. One of these is the Waccamaw River, which is part of the greater Winyah Bay watershed. The inland facing side of Murrells Inlet has direct access to this river, and those who wish to do so can navigate this river south and land right inside of Winyah Bay.

Alternately, you can be at a launch point within a 20-30 minute drive to Georgetown where you will be near the dead center of the action in the area.

a fisherman with a blackdrum

Fish Winyah Bay With Harvest Moon Fishing

If you are in Murrells Inlet and looking to fish the amazing coastal watershed inside of Winyah Bay, Captain R.C. here at Harvest Moon Fishing is a local guide dedicated to this part of the fishery.

Whether looking for a relaxing day with the family on the water or looking to fish the area like a pro, Harvest Moon Fishing Charters is your go-to local guide service.

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