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Hey y’all, Capt. RC here with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters to give you some information about fishing on your Litchfield, SC beach vacation. I am a life-long resident of the area, and provide the opportunity for my clients to experience these waters like a local. I take pride in being a versatile guide who can cater to any experience level. If you would like to have the same experience as being on the water with me and my friends, please contact me to set up an inshore fishing charter.


North and South Litchfield in South Carolina, separated by Litchfield By the Sea, feature beautiful beaches and a relaxing getaway from Myrtle Beach. The area consists of full-time residents, second homes and vacation rentals. The laid back atmosphere is attractive to those visiting for a wedding, golf trip or family vacation.


Midway Inlet serves as the physical boundary between Litchfield and Pawley’s Island. The Inlet’s entrance is very shallow and changes often; so it can be challenging to access Pawley’s creek and Litchfield from the ocean. Your best bet is to use one of four boat ramps for access to these waters. Parking is extremely limited, so be sure to get there early.


Four Boat Ramps near Litchfield


a picture of Litchfield Fishing Charters with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters

Tom Crocker Boat Landing in Pawley’s Island, SC



Species to Target

  • Flounder
  • Trout
  • Redfish


Inshore fishing around Litchfield can be fantastic for flounder, trout and redfish. Early Spring to mid-Summer is my favorite time of year for flounder fishing around South Litchfield. The classic strategy for flounder fishing involves drifting or slow-trolling mud minnows (finger mullet can sometimes be better). A flounder bite can be very subtle. You will feel a light thump and what seems like dead weight slowly moving with your bait. If you realize you’ve gotten a bite, do not set the hook immediately! Flounder need time to rotate the bait in their mouth before swallowing it. Give them a few seconds, and use a nice easy hook-set for best results.


fisherman holding a flounder



Trout and redfish can be targeted in the Fall at Litchfield. Not saying you won’t have any luck other times of the year, but Fall seems to be the best. Live shrimp is the most consistent bait when targeting trout, and you will want to drift it under a cork along any rips or drop offs you can find. Redfish are also eager to eat live shrimp, but you can catch them on artificial baits when working the bait properly. My favorite way to work an artificial bait for redfish is very slowly…almost like a “Texas-Rig Worm”.


fisherman with a speckled trout


Booking an Inshore Fishing Charter

If you find yourself in Litchfield, and you’re looking for a fishing charter, give us a call to see what’s biting. I’ll be happy to tailor a fishing trip that meets your group’s needs. Whether you are a technical angler, looking for something specific, or a family looking for a safe enjoyable day on the water… I will do my best to give you a safe and fun day on the water. Call or book online today!