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As spring arrives along the South Carolina coast, the waters come alive with an abundance of fish species, providing a thrilling experience for both novice and seasoned anglers. In April 2023, the fishing forecast promises an exciting mix of inshore and nearshore fishing opportunities, with tarpon and sharks taking center stage. Let’s dive into the top fishing spots and techniques for a successful fishing adventure this April.

Inshore Fishing

As water temperatures rise in April, inshore fishing in South Carolina becomes increasingly productive. The marshes, creeks, and estuaries teem with fish, such as redfish, speckled trout, and flounder, as they move into the shallows to feed.

For redfish, target oyster bars, grassy flats, and creek mouths on a rising tide. Live bait like shrimp and mullet can be especially effective, as well as soft plastic lures that mimic these natural food sources.

Speckled trout can be found in deeper holes and channels within the marshes. Use a popping cork with live shrimp or artificial lures that mimic baitfish to entice these aggressive predators.

Flounder start to show up in April as they move from offshore waters to inshore feeding grounds. Focus on sandy bottoms near structure, such as oyster beds or docks, using live bait or soft plastic lures bounced along the bottom.

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Nearshore Fishing

In the nearshore waters off the coast of South Carolina, where the shallow coastal waters give way to the deeper ocean, an exhilarating variety of fish species are ready to challenge even the most skilled anglers.

The hard-fighting Cobia is a top contender, known for its dark lateral stripe and impressive size. To increase your chances of hooking one, try sight fishing with live eels or brightly colored jigs near buoys and channel markers during the warmer months.

Spanish Mackerel, with their iridescent blue and silver bodies, are another common catch in these waters. Using small, shiny spoons or fast-moving lures with a trolling technique will entice these speedsters to strike.

Don’t forget the cunning Flounder, a master of camouflage, which can be found lurking near sandy bottoms and structures like wrecks and artificial reefs. Gently bouncing a live mud minnow or finger mullet along the seafloor can prove irresistible to these flat, elusive predators. Each of these species offers a unique and engaging challenge that will surely captivate and inspire anglers of all skill levels in South Carolina’s nearshore waters.

Tarpon and Shark Fishing

April marks the beginning of the tarpon and shark fishing season along the South Carolina coast. Tarpon start to migrate northward, making their way into inlets and estuaries. Live or cut bait, such as mullet or menhaden, can be effective for targeting these silver giants. Sight-casting with artificial lures can also be successful, particularly when tarpon are spotted rolling on the surface.

Sharks are abundant in the nearshore waters of South Carolina in April. Species such as blacktip, spinner, and bull sharks are commonly caught by anglers. Use heavy tackle and fresh-cut bait to entice these powerful predators. Remember to practice safe catch-and-release techniques when handling sharks to ensure their survival.

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