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Your Guide to Spring Fishing in Georgetown, SC

The azaleas are blooming, and pollen is in the air…Spring has come, and we have a variety of options when it comes to our Spring fishing season. Our creeks and bays begin to fill with mullet darting around, and small grass shrimp can be seen jumping near the marsh. Nearshore reefs and jetties offer up several species as the waters begin to warm into the mid 60’s.



girl with redfish


Transition Period for Inshore Fishing

As the waters in our creeks and inlets begin to warm, fish begin to transition out of their Winter patterns. Redfish have been huddled up in large schools over the Winter, but now they are on the move.  Our Blue Crab population will also be shedding their outer shell so they can grow. When you add all of this together, Spring fishing can prove itself as a challenge.

If you are planning to book an inshore fishing charter this time of year, make sure you find the right captain for your trip! An experienced guide will know how to fish the Spring transition along the South Carolina coast. It takes years of trial and error to get a feel for where you need to be during the months of March, April and May. The right charter captain will go the distance in moving around to locate fish.


sea trout caught on topwater bait


Fishing the Winyah Bay Jetties

Winyah Bay is located 30 minutes South of Myrtle Beach, and the jetties offer a reliable location for some Spring fishing action. If you are staying in Myrtle Beach, you are going to want to fish in Winyah Bay; and it is worth venturing out to the jetties when the weather is nice. Right now we are catching Sheepshead, Black Drum, and the occasional Redfish. Soon, we will be seeing the Flounder show up.

Five Rivers flow through Winyah Bay to meet the jetties, and they send a plethora of bait with their currents. This is like ringing a dinner bell as the tide begins to fall. Various species, including Sharks, line up for the feast. If you are looking for some action, the Winyah Bay jetties is a nice place to start.


woman with flounder



Fishing Nearshore

There are numerous artificial reefs within 15 miles of South Carolina‘s coast. These reefs can be very productive this time of year; as long as you can get a calm day to get out there. Right now, we are catching multiple species of fish that make excellent table fare.

The nearshore fishing is probably the most dependable during the Spring in South Carolina. You will catch fish no matter what. We try to target certain species for the fight and edibility.



man with sheepshead fish



Booking a Georgetown Fishing Charter

Contact Harvest Moon Fishing Charters for your Georgetown Fishing Charter! I grew up fishing here, and I will be your captain. Call us today, or check out our convenient online booking.