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Spring Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach Report


This is Harvest Moon Fishing Charters Spring fishing report for the Myrtle Beach area. Spring fishing in Myrtle Beach means pleasant temperatures, and the sweet smell of wild honeysuckles on the ride out. Water temperatures are rising, and bait is becoming more abundant. Spring is here!


girl with redfish in pawleys island



Inshore Species Caught in April

  • Redfish
  • Flounder
  • Speckled Trout


a picture of Fishing Report for April 2023 in Myrtle Beach with Harvest Moon Fishing Charters



Redfish Finding Their Pattern

As the water warms, Redfish begin to break up from their Winter schools. This Spring transition period, compounded with peeler crab season, can be a challenging time. Peeler crab season occurs in the estuaries from Myrtle Beach to Pawleys Island, and the Redfish are crazy about them!

Now that we are in late April, the Reds are beginning to find their pattern. Peeler crab season has ended, and we are beginning to locate small groups of fish. The size of the fish we have been catching varies; however most of the time, the same size fish are grouped together.

We have been catching Redfish on half day trips using mud minnows and paddle tail grubs. The main tactic for mud minnows has been floating them down grasslines around mid-tide. Adding scent to the paddle tails has helped, with Fin Essence Shedder Crab being the top performer (I went that route since we were in peeler crab season). We are using as little action as possible when fishing artificial bait, and setting the hook when the fish picks it up.


fisherman holding flounder



Flounder Return to the Creeks

Flounder fishing has picked up in places like Little River and Pawleys creek. There have been some really nice catches of trophy size fish! We caught the 24 inch flounder, pictured above, last Friday.

Like the Reds, we are also catching flounder with mud minnows under floats and artificial bait. The traditional slow trolling method had produced some nice flounder in Pawleys Island. Some of the largest fish we have caught were on artificials near drains on the falling tide.


man holding sea trout


Speckled Trout Make a Spring Appearance

After a fairly cold winter, we are finally seeing the speckled trout showing up. These fish have been in hibernation mode since the water temperature dropped to its yearly lows. It looks like we are back in business, and the winter temperatures did not take a toll on our local population.

We are finding schools of trout in deeper water, and catching some larger fish in the shallows. Mud minnows under a cork, and paddle tails are also working for the sea trout. They seem to be eating light (every fish I have cleaned had an empty stomach), so slowly working smaller baits seems to be the best bet.


boy with speckled trout



Nearshore Species Caught in April

  • Sheepshead
  • Spanish Mackerel


sheepshead in clear water


Sheepshead: Fishing the Spring Spawn

Sheepshead fishing along the Myrtle Beach coast is a dependable option during the Spring when the Reds can be sparse. We start seeing them show up at the Little River jetties around late March. They bite much more aggressively this time of year as they prepare to spawn.

Sheepshead are some of the best tasting fish that can be caught out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They have a flavor like lobster with the texture of fish.

There are two main factors for sheepshead fishing this time of year: Fiddler Crabs and Calm Weather. Fiddler Crabs are the bait of choice for sheepshead, and calm water helps the angler better feel their stealthy bite. We are using mosquito hooks on drop shot rigs and jawbreaker jig heads from 43:2 Fishing.


fisherman holding a sheepshead



Spanish Mackerel Schooling off of Myrtle Beach

We have been getting on some large schools of Spanish that are ferociously feeding on anything that moves. These speedy fish can really give you some great action! They will hit nearly anything you throw at them, but you better be quick as they are good at outrunning your retrieve to spit the hook! The best strategy is to cast to the school, and retrieve your lure as fast as possible.

Spanish Mackerel are a fishing charter Myrtle Beach dream. We even caught a few on the fly! These fish are both fun to catch, and great to eat. When you locate Spanish Mackerel, your group will be in for some of the most fun fishing you have ever experienced; and they are running right now!



fly fisherman with spanish mackerel



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