Last Updated on March 3, 2023 by Capt. R.C.

Pawley’s Island Early Spring Fishing

Hey y’all, Captain RC here with your 2023 Spring fishing report for Pawleys Island, SC. Despite Puxtawney Phil’s forecast, we are having an early Spring in South Carolina. The month of March has begun with record-setting warm weather, and February had many days above 80 degrees. This Spring transition is a time when you want to be sure you hire an experienced local guide for your fishing trip.

Creeks Coming Alive

The warmer weather already has the creeks showing signs of life. We are already seeing grass shrimp and mullet along the shores from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, SC. Egrets and Blue Herons can be seen gorging themselves on the new buffet of choice. We are looking at a new season, and this year may be a little different from the past few.


Pawley’s Island Flounder

Flounder are one of the most prized fisheries in Pawley’s Island. We always expect to see flounder in the creeks as we enter Spring, but we are already catching keepers in February! It will be interesting to see if recent regulations will make a big difference in the flounder population this year. We are getting an early start with flounder this year. This could be a good sign for targeting this species in Pawley’s Island and Georgetown. Our recent catches have come from slow jigging paddletails, but you can also have some luck with this species by dragging a mud minnow across the bottom. Flounder is one species that can be targeted during the new and full moons, while other species can be tough to locate.


man with flounder


Nearshore and Jetty Fishing Report

The nearshore reefs are always a good Spring option if you can make it out there. We are catching Black Sea Bass, Red Snapper, Grouper and Sheepshead on a variety of baits. This is a good time to do a little meat fishing for all the seafood lovers out there. Hitting the nearshore reefs can be your best bet this time of year. The jetties are also busy right now with Redfish, Sheepshead and Black Drum. If you can get a school of Black Drum fired up, it can make for a busy day. While we have not seen many Reds at the jetties, we have been catching other species on cut shrimp and oysters as bait. The jetties offer a reliable option for Spring fishing in Pawleys Island.


man with red snapper

Do I seem upset that I have to throw it back?


Creek Fishing in Pawleys Island

Spring fishing in Pawley’s creeks is a transition period for the Redfish and Speckled Trout. The warmer weather and increased presence of bait is very welcoming to these two species, who are likely suffering cabin fever coming out of Winter. This normally leads to the Reds and Trout being scattered, which can make them challenging to locate. While the warmer water temperatures brings the Flounder in to the creeks behind Pawley’s Island, the spring transition can be frustrating when it comes to Redfish and Trout. We will have days where we have double digit catches of Flounder, but other species can be hard to come by. You will mostly find that you will catch a double header of Reds or Trout, but then it takes a while to get another bite. This is when you will want to hire a true local guide to help give you a productive day on the water.   man with redfish

Booking a Pawleys Island Fishing Charter

Contact Harvest Moon Fishing Charters for your Pawley’s Island fishing charter! I grew up fishing these waters with my friends, and it is so important to have a true local for fishing this time of year. Call us today, or check out our convenient online booking.