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Myrtle Beach June Fishing Report and Summer Outlook


Myrtle Beach fishing has gotten off to a great start this year. In this report, I will go over how we have done on our fishing charters near Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Give me a call if you want to go on a fishing trip, as there are only a handful of availabilities left for the month of June.


two boys with a pair of redfish

Cousins doubled up on Reds!



Myrtle Beach Early Summer Inshore Species

  • Redfish
  • Speckled Trout
  • Flounder


woman with spot tail bass

Myrtle Beach Redfish



Redfish Becoming Active

This time of year, Redfish can be caught on a variety of live baits and artificials. Small pogies have been available, but we are having better luck with mud minnows and shrimp. Live bait has been effective both under corks and on the bottom.

I enjoy targeting redfish with topwater baits before sunrise. This type of fishing is best suited for small groups and skilled anglers, but it is some of the most rewarding fishing you will ever experience. If you think you are up for the challenge, we will need to leave the dock at least 30 minutes before dawn; and we will be returning to the dock when others are just putting in their boats haha!

The video below was an exceptional morning where all the stars aligned (and I happened to have my drone). This was when the reds had already begun to school up; but we had a little heat wave which encouraged them to hit topwater baits. As you can see, Santa Claus came early.



As our water temperatures will continue rising into the Summer, topwater fishing will become one of the best bets for a successful day of fishing. Once our water warms up to over 80 degrees, the month of July can be extremely challenging during the daylight hours.


Gator Season Came Early in South Carolina…

…Gator Trout that is! As we move in to the month of June, making the trip from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown has been worth it! Spring fishing produces some large trout that have been mostly dormant through the Winter. They produce some of the most aggressive strikes this time of year to prepare for future spawning. While these fish are mostly loners, we are having productive days by moving around.


fisherman with speckled trout

Gator trout caught near Georgetown, SC.


Most of our large trout are coming on live menhaden that we are catching with a cast net. I go the extra mile when it comes to getting the best possible bait. There are a lot of guides that are unwilling to throw the net for various reasons: 1) it dirties the boat, 2) it takes time, 3) lack of confidence.

We should start seeing shrimp show up in places like Little River, Myrtle Beach, and Georgetown. Catching live shrimp can be frustrating for the charter captain and the people paying for the fishing trip. It takes time…it takes time to find them, it takes time to catch them, it takes time to clean up the mess…but it’s so worth it.


Flounder are Biting in the Creeks and Nearshore

We are catching good numbers of Flounder, and we are catching some nice Flounder; but not in the same spots. We have caught most of the larger fish while targeting Redfish. There is the occasional keeper when targeting flounder, but most of them are 12 to 15 inches.

It is time to start catching some nice Flounder at the Nearshore wrecks, but the wind continues to blow. Targeting Flounder at the reefs is kind of ideal for larger groups of 4 passengers. It takes casting to a target out of the equation.



two kids holding flounder

A couple reactions to the same fish, haha!


We are having our best luck on Flounder with palm size menhaden under corks and on the bottom. They are also biting mud minnows and artificial baits. We are mainly using Saltwater Assassin “Opening Night” paddle tails.



Myrtle Beach King Mackerel Coming up

Water temperatures have reached the mid 70’s, and there are reports of Kings being caught off Myrtle Beach piers. Fishing for Kings with live bait is another fantastic strategy for large groups. This is also a crowd pleaser as these fish make their fast drag screaming runs. We will be targeting these guys on our upcoming Nearshore fishing trips.


a fisherman with a kingfish

King Mackerel provide a good Nearshore target for the month of June.



Myrtle Beach Tarpon Sightings

We caught our first Tarpon of 2022 on June 16th, so we are getting close for 2023’s season to fire up. I have seen a few stragglers beginning to show up, and I will probably take a scout trip this week if I have an open day for it.

There was an incredible heat wave during the month of March this year, so I figured Myrtle Beach waters would be boiling with Tarpon by now. However after that brief March heat wave, the weather has been extremely mild ever since. Northeasterly winds have kept the water temperatures below 70 degrees until recently.

We are literally days away, though. Someone just has to be the first to get on one. If you want to enjoy a nice day on the water with the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime, give me a call!


a fisherman with a tarpon



Booking a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

Contact Harvest Moon Fishing Charters when your ready to go fishing in Myrtle Beach! My friends and I grew up learning how to fish these waters, and you will get the same experience of how we take on a trip when we go fishing. Call today, or check out the convenient online booking system.